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Ihor Rudnyk
CEO at Collaborator

Entrepreneur. CEO at and Has 10+ years in link building, SEO and marketing.

He actively shares his knowledge on link building at specialized conferences: Webpromo SEODay, Nazapad and on his own Telegram and Twitter channels.

Author of courses on SEO and link building.


Job title CEO at Collaborator
Company Сollaborator
Location Ukraine
Favorite Topics SEO, Link building, Marketing, Content marketing, SaaS, Digital promotion, Telegram
Expert quotes by Ihor Rudnyk (4)
Getting backlinks is not football, where to win, you need to get one link more than the competitor. Long ago, search engines found all links to your site valuable. But now you need to get quality links only.
Buy Backlinks Guide for SEO [2023]: Reasons, Best Places and Costs
To grow a business — believe in yourself! Do MVP (minimum viable product) and validate the idea with your customers & study a lot of customer journeys. And when you find product-market fit, just scale your product🚀
InsiderApps: Interview with Igor Rudnyk, the CEO of
You need to know that ChatGPT really can't do any analyzing or web researching work. So it's just one more source of information and maybe a tool for some tasks, basically it's not about something more. At least now.
How to Use ChatGPT for Link Building? 10 Techniques
There is a lot of controversy around the DA indicator. So we have drawn attention to all the myths about Domain Authority that are in SEO. And we reviewed all statements of representatives of Google and compared them with practice
9 Best Tactics for Increasing a Domain Authority (DA) for Your Website
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