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From Link Building to Digital PR Marketplace

Collaborator was created as an assistant and helper for marketers, digital PR specialists, and SEO specialists, which could make their work day a whole much easier by speeding up the process of searching the right high-authority online platforms for content placement and successful digital PR campaigns.

It’s not just another link building platform, but a digital PR marketplace that helps to make a foray into an ever-changing online market, gain a high position there, and retain it while enjoying sustained growth. Believe it or not, link building via guest posting is more than earning as many backlinks as possible. It is not just an effective tactic for obtaining backlinks, which are a crucial factor for good rankings in the SERPs, but a way of reaching millions and introducing your brand and product to succeed in the digital world.

The sad truth is that many people don't really care where they got the link from, forgetting that a random backlink is nothing special and missing out on the associated benefits that a high-quality link can provide. Collaborator was created to change that. Today, looking back, we can say that we achieved our goal of helping tens of thousands of our users implement guest posting - one of the most effective SEO strategies for conquering the digital PR world.

The company has grown and prospered, providing its services to users from the CIS countries, as well as our team: we have attracted many talented people to it with a common goal. At the beginning of 2022, the Collaborator directory included approximately 17 thousand sites for posting guest posts and press releases.

With the full-scale invasion of an aggressor to Ukraine assisted by Belarus, Collaborator refused to work with users from both countries and deleted all websites in .ru, .su, and .by domain zones (approximately 70% of the total number of online platforms) from the catalog. This was when the company embarked on a new chapter: expanded its services beyond the borders of CIS countries to tap into the global market.

Thus, the Collaborator catalog has increased from 5 thousand sites at the beginning of 2022 to tens of thousands of online platforms from all over the world, as well as thousands of reliable Telegram channels. However, despite the changes in the digital world and the world at large, our unwavering dedication to our mission has not changed.

Of course, this wouldn't be possible without our amazing team of experienced developers, product managers, marketers and support staff who share the same goal of making Collaborator the go-to place for anyone building a website or brand. Thanks to these people, the platform remains an effective tool for everyone involved in promoting business on the World Wide Web, constantly developing and improving.

And of course, this would not be possible without our users, who inspire us to become better by providing feedback, suggestions and ideas for further updates to the platform. We review, analyze and use every feedback to make informed decisions about continuous improvement of the platform. We are grateful to everyone who has become a part of Collaborator over the years. Together we create a user-centric platform.

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