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Telegram Channels Monetization Platform. Earn Money with Collaborator

Do you have a successful Telegram channel? Add it to Collaborator and receive orders from the best advertisers.

And get your first orders from advertisers

Benefits for Telegram channel authors

Verified advertisers and brands with interesting orders

Friendly interface

Simple, lightweight, fast interface that helps you make deals and earn more

Verified advertisers

Assignments from well-known brands and proven advertisers. Make money helping a decent business

Wide payment solutions

A wide range of withdrawal methods. Daily payments on weekdays

Low commission

Collaborator's commission 15% and no hidden fees

Make money on Telegram easy

Sign up for free
  1. Register in the system
  2. Add your channel to the directory
  3. Get orders from the advertiser
  4. Publish an advertising post in your channel
  5. Get your payment for the order and deduce money

Why businesses turn to Collaborator

All in one window.

Communication with advertising customers, project design, payment — the whole process of Telegram channel monetization takes place directly in the interface.

Fast and secure deals.

75% of deals are wrapped up within 48 hours. Collaborator, as a guarantor, ensures the fulfillment of the obligations by each party.

Trusted advertisers.

There are large companies and owners/administrators of channel networks among the advertising clients of our marketplace.

Telegram-bot — helper.

The bot helps to keep the pulse hand and sends important notifications about agreements and financial transactions.

Comfortable work with finances.

All payments are made inside the system. You only need to withdraw funds to your account in
a convenient way.

Data security.

We care about the privacy of each user's personal and financial information.

Operational support service.

We respond quickly. We bring each user's request to
a result.

Affiliate program

If you are looking for more opportunities how to monetize your Telegram channel, invite your colleagues to use our system and get money for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Collaborator is a direct advertising marketplace for communication of internet sites' owners and advertisers. The publisher provides advertising places on their traffic resources and customer places advertising offers.
Since 2017, a catalog of sites, blogs, online journals, and more has been actively filled. And since 2021, functionality has been developed that helps monetize Telegram channel. The experience gained in the site field has helped create a genuinely convenient platform that allows businesses, authors, and administrators to make money using Telegram. The intuitive interface, proven advertisers, the warranty of the exchange as a mediator, and a transparent communication process between the owner and the customer will help you comfortably sell even more advertising places and earn money from Telegram group or channel.

If you are looking for how to make money through Telegram, just follow this algorithm:

  • sign up for Collaborator,
  • add your channel to the catalog,
  • confirm the ownership with our bot.

Complete the information accurately and describe your price for advertising posts.

After moderation, the channel will become accessible to all interested advertisers. They will be able to contact you directly to buy an advertising place.

How to earn money from Telegram channel, making the calculations comfortable but safe and with minimal risks? We have been developing a platform for five years. And during this time, we tried to consider users' wishes as much as possible on the issue of payments. All financial transactions are carried out within the system, which excludes cases of non-payment for advertising. You can get the funds from the system to the card account, PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, and other convenient methods.

If you want to know how to earn money from Telegram and which reward you can get, analyze your channel and the number and quality of its subscribers. The most expensive advertising places in business, IT, and marketing resources. The smallest price tags are among the channels about a hobby, cooking, etc. At the same time, the number of transactions here is relatively higher. Therefore, when solving the issue of how to make money from Telegram channel, you may determine your goals and development yet at the planning stage.

All Telegram channels that are added to the Collaborator are moderated. There are the main things to pay attention to if you want to earn money using Telegram with the help of Collaborator:

  • number of subscribers (500+),
  • audience involvement, because customers on the exchange are looking for live channels, actually read by people,
  • topics not forbidden in Collaborator,
  • content. It would help if you avoided cases when the common niche of the channel is permissible, but there are posts on prohibited topics.

If you are wondering how to earn money through Telegram, consider these suggestions and add your channels to our catalog.

Interaction with the customer of advertising through the exchange is faster, safer, more convenient, because:

  • really interested and motivated advertisers who are already looking for options for placement in a relevant Telegram-channel come to our catalog,
  • many customers come to you themselves, so you spend less time on the search,
  • Collaborator acts as an intermediary and guarantees the fulfillment of terms by both parties (you are protected from non-payment or unfounded claims),
  • much of the information is already available to the customer in our interface. Therefore, less time is spent on preliminary communication,
  • discussion of the project takes place directly on our platform,
  • our Telegram bot assistant will inform you about new orders and transactions on your internal account.

If you are looking for additional ways how to monetize Telegram channel, use an additional Collaborator's offer, namely an affiliate program. If invited colleagues add their channels to the system, you get a percentage of each of their deal. More deals, more profits, and more successful Telegram channel monetization.

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