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60+ Free Press Release Submission Sites List 2023: Best Websites to Submit Press Releases

How much should you pay for press release distribution to media outlets? What if we were to tell you nothing

Instead of using paid press release distribution services, you can opt for PR websites that allow you to publish press releases at no charge. Indeed, it takes time and effort to find them. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best free press release sites of 2023 and continually update it. 

Here, you will also find top niche websites, which will be useful if you need to submit a free press release locally or are aimed at a narrowly specific audience, and news publishing sites with promising potential.

In this article, we’ll also discuss the pros & cons of free posting, how to track your success, and more. Keep reading ▶️


The List of Best Free Press Release Submission Websites

The Collaborator team of experts compiled the free press release sites list based on several criteria, including but not limited to high domain authority (DA), domain rating (DR), recent publications, and design. Earlier, they've also compiled a list of free guest posting sites, which you may find useful.  

Top press release websites often offer paid options along with free press release distribution. Some charge for each post or a package of publications, while others have just paid memberships. Obviously, free press release distribution services have certain limitations. For instance, some online PR news sites allow one free press release.

All that information, including details on limitations for free posting as well as Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Rating (DR), is provided for each selected website below.

1. MediaPost

The homepage of MediaPost

It is a media website that allows free press release distribution. On this website, users can submit one free press release or more to get their story out.

DA: 83

DR: 88

Paid Plans:

MediaPost is a completely free online PR media platform.

2. PRLog

The homepage of PRLog

Free press release submissions include distribution, allow links, and can be tagged with industry and location tags. But there is a limit of two releases per day.

DA: 79

DR: 83

Paid Plans:

This press release site offers only free service.


The homepage of

Free press release distribution suggests submission to search engines,, some third-party news sites, and RSS feeds.

DA: 69

DR: 80

Paid Plans: offers 3 distribution plans ranging in pricing from $60 to $300.

4. OpenPR

The homepage of OpenPR

Open PR allows for posting one free press release maximum per 30 days.

DA: 68

DR: 77

Paid Plans:

Those who want to submit more than one free release per day should pay a credit (19 euros) for each post. The more credits you purchase, the lower the price is.

5. IssueWire

The homepage of IssueWire

A free plan offers a one-time press release submission. However, it includes neither guaranteed placements nor Google, Google News, Yahoo, Bing, and Apple News inclusion.

DA: 52

DR: 73

Paid Plans:

The starting price is $21 per press release. All paid plans include Apple, Yahoo, Bing, Google, and Google News inclusion.

6. Online PR Media

The homepage of Online PR Media

Free press releases live for 90 days on the site.

DA: 55

DR: 70

Paid Plans:

Offers 4 distribution plans that include a range of different services:

Social media — $22;

Search Engine Visibility — $179;

Maximum Media Visibility — $399;

Video PR Premium Visibility — $549

7. PR-Inside

The homepage of PR-Inside

Only registered users of PR-Inside can submit their press releases for press coverage.

DA: 64

DR: 70

Paid Plans:

PR-Inside is a completely free press release site.

8. 1888 Press Release

The homepage of 1888 Press Release

The free submission has a lot of limitations and offers no proactive advertisement, but you can still post a press release for free.

DA: 52

DR: 70

Paid Plans:

1888 Press Release offers users to choose from paid options ranging in pricing from $15 to $249 per press release. If you want to make your content available to Google News, you should opt for the Platinum ($25 per release) and higher plans.


The homepage of PressReleasePoint

On the free plan, registered users can post one press release for free every three months.

DA: 60

DR: 68

Paid Plans:

7 paid options are available for those who want to post more than the free limit.

10. PR Sync

The homepage of PR Sync

Relevant press releases are promoted to the front page of the site.

DA: 57

DR: 68

Paid Plans:

PR Sync is a free press release site with no paid press release services available.

11. NewswireToday

The homepage of NewswireToday

Free press releases are published in the order of the queue. It can take a long time, but NewswireToday is still one of the best free press release sites. Also, keep in mind that the free plan includes third-party ads and only basic RSS feeds.

DA: 52

DR: 63

Paid Plans:

NewswireToday offers 3 distribution plans:

Press Room — $199;

Site Launch Boost — $129;


Articles PRO — $399

12. PRFree

The homepage of PRFree

The free plan includes live URL links, spam protection, a print version, and distribution to search engines.

DA: 42

DR: 59

Paid Plans:

Users have a choice of two options:

Basic — $19;

Premium — $39

13. Express Press Release

The homepage of Express Press Release

The free plan doesn’t include the next-day distribution or distribution within the EPR Nationwide Network.

DA: 43

DR: 48

Paid Plans:

Express Press Release offers a $99 per month "Unlimited" posting plan for those with many press releases they'd like to submit.

There are also other 3 plans:

Standard — $59;

Featured — $99;

Extended — $199


The homepage of PRZOOM

Free press releases are published in the order of the queue. Also, keep in mind that the free plan includes third-party ads and only basic RSS feeds.

DA: 29

DR: 47

Paid Plans:

With PRZOOM, you have a choice of three press release distribution plans:

Press Room — $199;

Site Launch Boost — $129;


Articles PRO — $399

15. ClickPress

The homepage of ClickPress

Free press release submissions are available only for charitable organizations and "corporate social responsibility news." 

DA: 43

DR: 46

Paid Plans:

Three paid options are available:

Standard — $100;

Enhanced — $200;

Enterprise — custom price.

16. Market Press Release

The homepage of Market Press Release

Free submissions are limited to one per day.

DA: 41

DR: 40

Paid Plans:

Those who want to post more than one press release per day must pay $15 for each additional publication.


The List of Top Niche PR Websites

If your press release distribution needs are limited to a narrow-specific field or geography, this section of our article is for you. Our team has gathered the best free press release websites focused on specific industries or countries.

PR Submission Site

DA by Moz & DR by Ahrefs



DA: 75

DR: 85

The website focuses on engineering and data analysis.


DA: 84

DR: 82

A news site mostly focused on tech news.

Nanotechnology Now

DA: 57

DR: 63

As its name suggests, this website accepts news specifically about nanotechnology.


DA: 51

DR: 53

The UK-focused free press release submission site.


DA: 39

DR: 30

The UK-focused press release site has free submissions for registered charities and charitable causes.


DA: 55

DR: 67

The UK-focused press release site has free submissions for charities, non-profits, and social enterprises registered with the correct authorities in the United Kingdom.


DA: 32

DR: 29

It accepts tech articles, news, and press releases.


DA: 35

DR: 28

This site focuses on the travel industry.


Additional Free Press Release Submission Sites for 2023

Here, our team has gathered pretty new websites on which you can post press releases for free and those with low DA and/or DR but still have promising potential for getting your story out.

Why Distribute Press Releases?

Press releases remain relevant in 2023 and bring a lot of benefits for businesses of all sizes and shapes. Below are the key reasons why you should submit your company's news to media outlets.

  • Improved backlink profile. Posting press releases with links to your website on third-party sites will enrich your backlink profile. The stronger it is, the more trust you get from search engines, and the higher your website ranks in the SERPs (search engine result pages).
  • Boosted traffic and sales. Expanding your digital marketing efforts across multiple press release distribution channels can help you reach millions, attract more targeted visitors to your website, and convert them into customers, ultimately boosting organic traffic and increasing your sales.
  • Online recognition. Posting press releases online helps to improve your brand awareness and build customer loyalty.
  • Establish professional relationships with journalists and bloggers. They often use PR sites to find new stories for their publications. If you build good relationships with the ones written about your company, you can submit your subsequent releases to them. In other words, you will find a sure way to get your future stories out.

What exactly is press release submission in SEO (search engine optimization) and digital marketing? In short, promoting your business through media outlets is a sure way to reach a wide audience and an effective off-page SEO method.

Ways of Distributing Press Releases

Depending on your PR goals and budget, you can choose either a free or paid way. It is up to you where to submit a press release. Both distribution methods have their pros and cons. Let’s delve into the theme and discover all of them.

Free Way

The biggest perk of using these websites is money saving. You can send press releases and have them published without paying a penny. If you write the content yourself instead of using professional copywriting services, you can promote your business absolutely for free. 

Free news sites are an excellent choice for budget-strapped companies and as an additional promotional method for thriving businesses. 

What’s the catch? They offer only basic press release distribution services for free. You can discover the limitations, such as the number of releases you can publish, resources you can post on, the duration for which your content will be available, and so on.

Online PR Media allows free press release submission.

Along with several paid packages, Online PR Media allows free press release submission. However, a free online press release will be live only for 90 days.

Paid Way

Looking at our table above, you’ll find that prices range from $15 to $300+ per press release. Some websites don't offer plan pricing releases, and you should contact their managers to get details or wait for an invoice to be sent after the press release submission.

How to submit a press release on PRSubmissionSite.

When submitting a press release on PRSubmissionSite, you will receive an invoice in case of approval.

When investing in these services, you receive more than just basic services and gain more media coverage for your business. That’s a plus. 

The obvious minus is their cost. It can be too high, especially in the long run. Besides, there is no guarantee for the expected results.

Special Content Distribution Platforms

Whether you opt for paid or free press release distribution sites, it will take time to find them, pick the best for your needs and requirements, submit your press release, and wait for their response. 

Want to know how to make targeted distribution faster, safer, and more effective without spending a bunch of money? You can use special content distribution platforms like

Benefits of using Collaborator’s services:

1. Time-saving. You don’t have to spend hours surfing the web for relevant websites to submit press releases.

2. Wide choice. There are over 22K professionally moderated websites from different niches and countries in the Collaborator catalog, and that number is growing daily.

3. User-friendly filter. Collaborator makes the difference between huge choice and confusion with its filter, allowing for sorting sites by over 40 parameters. You will find the right website to submit your press release in a minute or so and enjoy all the benefits of targeted distribution.

How to find press release submission sites with Collaborator

To find the relevant website to submit your press release in the Collaborator catalog, pick the appropriate publication format and choose your subject, country, preferred traffic, etc.

4. Guaranteed results. All your publications are covered with free three-month insurance against deletion and non-indexation.

Invest your media bucks wisely 😎

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How to Find Press Release Submission Websites

  • Please feel free to use our free press release sites list. Many also offer paid services, which you may find useful if you need more than basic distribution services.
  • Try Collaborator’s services. With thousands of trusted websites in its catalog, it has something for every PR campaign. You are sure to find the right website to submit your press release.

 Try for free 👈

  • Don’t miss out on competitor analysis. You can check the backlink profile of the leaders in your niche using the Ahrefs tool and find the websites where they’ve posted their press releases.

How to check the website's backlink profile using the Ahrefs tool.

Enter the URL of your competitor’s website, click the “Backlinks” button on the left side, and analyze the found backlinks to find the resources where they have their publications, including press releases. 

Write Content That Gets Accepted & Pays Your SEO Efforts

Below, we have gathered the main tips on how to do it. 

  • Determine your target audience. It’s essential to know your “ideal customers.” Don’t write and post an article just to do it. Press release content should be tailored to people interested in your product or service. Otherwise, all your efforts will be pointless. 
  • Select the subject of your press release. It could be an event organized by your company, a product upgrade, etc.
  • A press release needs to be well structured. Read our ultimate guide on how to write a press release to succeed at this step.
  • SEO-optimize your text. It should contain properly chosen keywords.
  • Choose the website to submit a press release. Make sure it will help you reach your targeted audience, doesn’t contain spam, and is trusted by other users (you can read feedback to assess its reliability).
  • Make sure your press release doesn’t fall foul of the guidelines specified by the website you want to distribute it through.

How to Know if a Press Release Is Working

Many paid press release platforms have built-in analytics. It’s up to you to believe it or not. The sure way is to track your traffic during the first days after the publication of your press release. If you see that it has been increased, your press release distribution bears fruits. You can also use UTM links and track them in Google Analytics to see how many visitors come from the resources where you’ve posted your press release and how many conversions you’ve achieved. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t waste your media bucks on expensive services and untrusted sites. Believe it or not, you can achieve some of your SEO and marketing goals using free service. The Collaborator team of experts gathered websites where you can post a press release without paying a penny. Each has been checked for main SEO metrics, including DA and DR, and recent publications. 

Need something more than just basic press release distribution services? You can opt for paid options provided by most of the selected sites or Collaborator to get the best results for your marketing efforts. Here, you can pick the relevant websites with high DA and good traffic to post your press release based on your specific needs and requirements.

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