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Use convenient filters to find the best media for your press releases. Choose a region, theme, price range, desired audience.

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Who needs to publish press releases🐧

in-house marketer

You are an in-house marketer and you need great PR & media coverage

SEO specialist

You are a SEO specialist and you need to get to the TOP of Google

marketing agency

You are a marketing agency and you need the best result for clients

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Publish PR news and articles quickly and easily🏃‍♀️

Promoting your news to the public  is a time-consuming task. You can independently find suitable sites and send out a press release to everyone, but you must admit that this is unreasonably long. By publishing PR articles or news through Collaborator, you will save time and money for yourself and your employees.

  • Readers of many media outlets will see your press release on the main pages of the media;
  • Get additional links to your site from quality resources;
  • Get access to the catalog of sites with real readers;
  • References to your brand will grow, your company's image will rise;
  • Many media outlets give discounts for agencies — from 10%

Five reasons to publish a press release via Collaborator💡

It's fast🏂

Publishing usually takes 1-2 days.

Sites that publish press releases in less than 24 hours receive a special badge

Fast publishing of press releases in the media

It's simple🍍

More than 2000 sites are ready to publish a press release.

Convenient filters:

  • country (region, city);
  • desired attendance;
  • theme;
  • with or without announcement;
  • SEO parameters of sites (spam, trust, SQI).
media filters in Collaborator

Real reviews🛀

Read reviews of the media where you are publishing your press release.

Read real reviews from advertisers. And after successful orders do not forget to leave review on the work with the site.

media reviews

Real traffic statistics🔥

Publish press releases and PR articles on high-traffic sites.

Real statistics presented: traffic over the last 6 months, traffic sources

Schedule attendance of the media

Low prices

Many sites that work with us give good discounts on the publishing of press releases.

Prices for publishing press releases are often 2 or even 3 times lower than for publishing articles.

prices for publishing press releases in Collaborator

Frequently Asked Questions

A press release is a type of an article for journalists and industry influencers, which describes a certain informational occasion from the life of the company. It can be published on a donor's website in its original form or it can form the basis of the author's journalistic material.

Distributing press releases is the one of the areas of PR. Goal is a representation in media platforms and formation of its public brand. In fact, each business that produces products or provides services, needs it.

The more often you appear on the pages of profile web-sites, the more chances you`ll have to attract journalists and industry bloggers to identify your activity. Because it is important for them to maintain trends, regularly update information sources, so an actual question for them is how to receive press releases from the specialized companies and projects.

The task for a marketing specialist, PR specialist or SEO specialist relating to the distribution of press releases is to select a package of high-quality media platforms for posting an informational article about the company, thereby attracting a relevant audience.

How to place a press release in a few clicks? Just register in Collaborator😉

Collaborator is a content marketing marketplace that provides an online syndication by distributing press release on the high-ranking media platforms.

In the Collaborator catalog you can:

  • choose the most-rated media platform for posting your press release from more than 6,000 sites,
  • analyze its traffic, authority and other options without using other paid tools,
  • find out the price, location, type of link and other details directly in the catalog of media platforms,
  • discuss the details of the placement directly with the distributor.

In order to publish a press release through the Collaborator, the following steps should be done:

  • register in the system and create a first online project,
  • choose platforms from the catalog for posting a press releases,
  • formalize the agreement by uploading the necessary information,
  • replenish an account and send the application to the press release distributors,
  • wait for the execution and analyze its efficiency.

The place of your press release publishing is pointed in the resource card. And the possibility of the preview on the main page is visible even at the level of the catalog.

Also you can discuss this issue additionally with the owner of the media platform using the messenger inside the system. It's very simple🙂

Price of the press release publishing depends on:

  • competition level in a niche;
  • media topics (business is more expensive, cooking - cheaper),
  • traffic (directly proportional),
  • users` involvement (how actively they comment and share materials),
  • SEO indicators of the site ( DA, trust, link profile, etc.),
  • recognition of media-agencies, etc.

Each media platform determines the cost for placing customer`s materials itself. You can see it at the catalog level, so you are aware of how much you have to pay before you submit press releases. You won`t find here expensive or cheap. The price is a result of complex of factors.

Are you interested in price in a specific topic? See more details in our catalog.

For companies and brands that are being developed for local markets, local media are more of a priority for publishing press releases. In the Collaborator interface there is a possibility to choose news resources with the specific geolocation. In order to do this you need to choose the necessary country and region in the catalog with the help of filters or sorting settings.

The last stage is left — sign up

And publish the first press release

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