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User-friendly interface and easy-to-use filters help you post guest posts in just two clicks Choose sites by topic, price, region easily

Media catalog for publishing press releases

You need guest post service if you

in-house marketer

SEO specialists. To improve rankings & get the TOP of search engine

SEO specialist

Marketers and PR specialists. To attract target audience & generate the leads

marketing agency

Digital agencies. To get high PR guest posts for the clients` sites

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The main advantages of buy guest posting

Looking for a link building strategy that works?
Check out the advantages of placing guest articles

Improving SEO metrics of the site

Get Juicy backlinks from the authoritative sites, increase DA and other indicators that are necessary for search robots.

Getting direct and targeted traffic

Placement of the sponsored post at the relevant blog with a subject close to you will reach more interested users

Expertise in a niche

Buying guest post on the quality resource will help to demonstrate your awareness in this topic. Users, journalists and search engines will like this (algorithm E-E-A-T)

Trust of search systems

Your site will get additional points from Google. And additional positions in the rating

Brand awareness

Who you are and what you do – tell your audience on the maximum number of resources

Networking and personal communication

Build relationships with the representatives of the related projects and open new opportunities for the partnership and common development

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  1. Register in the system
  2. Select sites from the catalog
  3. Download text of the article
  4. Send a request to the publisher
  5. Enjoy the result

5 reasons to buy guest blog posts via Collaborator💡

High speed of agreements🏂

On average 75% of agreements are closed within 2 days

We provide a special label to the sites which are ready to ensure guest post placement within 24 hours

Fast publishing of press releases in the media

Quality donor sites🍍

We do not accept blogs with the low traffic and authority to the catalog

For us the result of your cooperation with guest bloggers is important, but not the size of the catalog

media filters in Collaborator


Intuitive interface, convenient filters (36 metrics) and sorting which will help to choose a relevant donor site quickly

And thanks to the official integration with Ahrefs the primary analysis takes place without using additional services

media reviews

Simplicity of the financial operations🔥

Easy and convenient payment method

The most popular methods of crediting and withdrawing the funds are available in the Collaborator. And service fee is the lowest on the market

media filters in Collaborator

System of internal ratings🏓

After each agreement, both parties have an opportunity to give a feedback about the work

Thus, you can choose responsible publishers relying on the experiences of the other

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media reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is. On the marketplace you can find 2 parties, which are equally interested in success and security of the agreement.

  • For the customer buying guest posts is the way to increase the authority of his site and brand visibility. This increases site rating in the searching results, attracts interested visitors, boost conversion rates.
  • The owner of the donor platform gets the quality relevant content and gains publisher traffic. Therefore, website revenue increases.

Collaborator service acts as an intermediary-guarantor, which ensures the fulfillment of agreements by both parties. Inside the service the agreement is concluded on the placement of guest post and financial transactions are performed. Unified ecosystem for all operations excludes manipulations and fraud because the conditions of the cooperation are clear and well-known beforehand. Publishers, who do not fulfil these conditions and move to the interaction out of Collaborator, lose the possibility to use the service.

In order the guest post with a link to your resource have a real effect, you need to analyze the options of the donor site.

It is not enough to look at the traffic or subject of the site. SEO experts will provide you with at least a dozen of metrics that are important for search engines when they evaluate the quality of a backlink.

The main difficulty is that different indicators will be shown by different services. And watching everything by yourself, switching between the tools, is long, expensive and often inefficient, because the attention is distracted. Buy guest posting services will help in this case, which help to make an initial analysis of the donor sites thanks to integrations.

Collaborator has officially integrated Serpstat and Ahrefs metrics. That is why you can view a large number of metrics in the catalog and card of each platform, without switching to the other services.

The main ones are:

  • Traffic
  • Topic and geo
  • Trust and DA
  • Price and additional financial conditions for individual subjects
  • Guest post placement
  • Materials in the index
  • Number of Referral Domains & Backlinks
  • Number of internal links
  • Serpstat Domain Rank
  • Site age & language
  • Requests in the TOP, etc.
  • and other

With the help of the convenient and detailed filters in the catalog. The main thing here is the topic, because the relevance of the donor site is especially valued by search algorithms. You can connect the Collaborator search agent in order not to miss new sites added to the catalog exactly in your topic.

Other options of the donor sites are considered within the niche.

You can also configure the sorting in order to see the list of resources in accordance with the desired criteria and analyze them in the interface on one screen.

Another possibility is to use our open thematic catalog and analyze the potential of your niche in a definite country in the direction of guest blogging.

Buying guest posts on the Collaborator is safe and convenient financially. All transactions are protected. Payment methods cover basic user requests. Yes, contributor accounts can be replenished in the following ways:

If traditional methods are not suitable for the particular project, you can apply for an advice to the live chat in customer service. You`ll be suggested alternatives and ways for transferring funds for each specific case. Collaborator works with hryvnias and US dollars. At present ways for expanding the list of currencies are being considered. Currency is selected once when registering an account.

Collaborator supports the policy of permanent backlinks from the very beginning. Upon prior agreement, blogs, selling guest posts, place them on their resources forever.

In order to protect himself from dishonest performers, the customer can use a special Collaborator option — extended insurance, which additionally protects the placed posts from deletion and non-indexing.

In such cases within one year the customer of the guest post can get a refund if the owner deletes the posted link or the page does not get into the Google index.

If you have any disputable questions as for the publication, you can contact our support chat.

Prices for the placement of guest posts are set by the media platforms owners. At the same time when adding the sites to the catalog, the moderators of the Collaborator carefully monitor the cost of placement in a niche and the cost of the backlinks from this site in other similar services. Thus, we provide the best price for buy guest posting for Collaborator users. The price of a guest post depends on many factors: from a niche (how high competition there is) to SEO indicators and the geo of the specific online resource. Deciding where buy guest posts, keep in mind that, for example, in media, society and business topics, placement is traditionally more expensive. Today marketing and cryptocurrencies become a leader on the turnover of funds. Prices for guest posts in niches such as lifestyle, hobbies or cooking are cheaper.

When filling out the card of the platform the website owner indicates the type of link he is ready to place in guest posts:

  • dofollow
  • nofollow
  • sponsored

It may differ in the article and in the press release. The customer sees this information and makes a decision on cooperation based on it. After signing the agreement and placing the article on the donor site, the Collaborator checks the type of link in the publication and the one indicated in the card of the platform. If there are differences (for example, dofollow is specified, but the publisher specified nofollow), then the system will issue an error and will not close the agreement until there is a conformity. So the customers will definitely get the type of link they expected while ordering a guest post. And publishers will avoid unnecessary discussions on this topic and will work with the clients on mutually beneficial terms.

For agencies and SEO teams that use buy guest posting strategy, there is a special proposition in Collaborator – Master Account. This feature helps to the managers:

  • establish cooperation between the client, product manager and executor of work,
  • manage projects and control staff,
  • allocate the budgets, operating with different currencies (in the usual profiles there is no possibility to do this),
  • form the detailed brand reports for the customers: about the efficiency, outreach and guest posting.

The client has an access to the statistics and control his finances: all the funds are at his account, and he passes the access to the executor. SEO, marketing specialists or PR specialists see in their account only those projects they work with.

With such a convenience of work , the connection of Master account also save the budget on buying guest posts significantly. Because system fee for individual clients is lower. There are additional discounts for placement on the separate platforms (they can be seen only by users of Master account). Therefore, you can order packages of links for different clients at special prices.

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