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Collaborator in 2023: Updates, Improvements, and Achievements

Throughout the year, the Collaborator team has done its utmost to provide you with the best user experience and open new growth opportunities for your projects. We released updates and expanded the geography of websites in our catalog. 

The team of Collaborator sincerely aims to help Ukrainian businesses actively promote themselves abroad and has picked up a significant pace in expanding the catalog assortment.

At the end of December, it’s a great time to look back and recall the key moments, successes, and achievements and sum them up. We're eager to show off the results, so let's go. 

Collaborator 2023 in Numbers

For Collaborator, 2023 was the year of growth, development, useful updates, and new achievements that changed us and made using the platform more convenient.

In February 2022, we stopped working with users from the Russian Federation and Belarus and deleted nearly 11K websites (almost 70% of online platforms available in the catalog at that time). Since then, we have grown to 27K websites, each of which has passed through manual moderation. Most of them are added by owners, allowing us to offer the best prices for guest post placements. We confidently approach the next milestone, adding 2000+ online platforms every month. 

The dynamics of changes in the number of websites available in the catalog from February, 2022 to December, 2023

We have reached a new level of quality and geography in working with platform owners, and the volume of international deals has increased 15 times over the past 2 years. We keep expanding the catalog with websites from 130+ countries from different corners of the world: the EU, USA, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Overall, websites from 35+ categories are available in Collaborator’s catalog. Expanding business abroad is becoming even easier.

Top websites by countries and popular categories by goegraphy in Collaborator's catalog

Markets and niches with the greatest potential

A bit more numbers and analytics: 

Collaborator's 2023 achievements in numbers

This year, Collaborator celebrated its 6th anniversary. We shared our thoughts on achievements and successes on the pages of our blog. 

Overall, a lot has been achieved; in particular, we have made many product improvements. In 2023, our dev team completed 1,050 tasks to make the platform even more convenient for advertisers and website owners.

Keep reading to learn more about useful updates.

Key 2023 Updates on Collaborator

We make every effort to provide you with the best user experience and open up new opportunities for your projects.

In 2023, we made several meaningful innovations and many pleasant improvements.

Upgrade for accurate data collection

1. Audience distribution by geography 

You can easily promote projects to a specific locale. Data on traffic distribution by countries is available in the catalog and on the platform’s page. It can greatly speed up the process of selecting and analyzing websites.

Data on audience distribution by geography in Collaborator's catalog

Choose optimal options for your target audience. 

2. More parameters were added to the settings of the Telegram channels catalog.

CPM and Subscriber Cost were added to the list of filter options in the catalog settings.

How to see CPM and Subscriber cost in Collaborator's catalog

Track the necessary parameters and select channels based on the specified criteria.

Useful functionality for financial transactions 

Integration of the euro and European replenishment methods.

Now, you can choose this currency for payments and withdrawals of funds, which allows you to minimize expenses on currency conversion and transaction fees.

How to choose an account currency in Collaborator

Important. The currency is chosen once during registration and cannot be changed afterward. To register an account in euros and use this currency for payments, select the appropriate option in the “Account currency” field when creating an account. 

New payment methods are available with for convenient work on the international markets. 

Catalog improvements 

1. Notes about the sites available in the catalog

Are you choosing an online platform for content placement? Leave your comments and plans regarding collaboration with a website directly in its card or the catalog. It will help you quickly recall all the information about the site without the need to analyze it again.

How to leave a note about a website in Collaborator's catalog

Besides, notes streamline team communication when you delegate guest post submissions to your colleagues. 

2. Tags and badges in the catalog 

We made a small yet very useful upgrade for the website owners: advertisers you’ve previously made a deal with are marked with a special tag “Collaborated.” It aids in choosing the website and making decisions.

Additionally, the “Sponsored” tag is easily tracked in the Cart and on the website’s card. You can quickly sort websites by this parameter in the filtering panel. 

3. Filtering by lists

We improved the functionality of filtering by lists.

How to filter websites by lists in Collaborator

Now, in addition to excluding the generated list from the search results, you can also:

  • add the website from the list to the general list after filtering;
  • set filters only for websites from a specific list. 

4. Pinning and managing the order of columns in the catalog.

The pin/unpin option is available for the Website and Price columns and ensures maximum convenience when choosing an online platform for article placement. You can easily manage the display order of columns by selecting the required options in the panel of extended parameters. They are shown in the field on the right. You can easily move them, thus changing the order in which they are displayed in the catalog. The parameter is removed and no longer displays when you click on the cross.

How to pin a column in Collaborator's catalog

Our goal is to make Collaborator the most convenient solution for business/project promotion and collaboration between the owners of websites and advertisers easy and enjoyable 💙

Brief Summary and Plans for the Future 

The end of a year is always a time to assess your achievements, success, and accomplishments. We keep assisting Ukrainian businesses in entering and conquering international markets, directing all our efforts to making the PR distribution platform the most convenient for users.

We are grateful to everyone who has become a part of Collaborator. We listen to your feedback and ideas on improving functionality. It is you who help us to become better.

We wish you exciting projects, new achievements, and top positions 💛💙

And surely, wishing you successful deals in the New Year 2024 🎄

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