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How to Use ChatGPT for Link Building? 10 Techniques

ChatGPT blows the mind of every SEO specialist and not only😊

I'd like to share some interesting techniques on how you can use ChatGPT for routine link building tasks. I hope they will save you thousands of hours and help you build the most trusted links.

Ready? I'm sure that yes, so let’s jump to the details)

Group 1. For Research and Creating Link Building Strategy

Technique 1

Create the best link building strategy for [topic]

Technique 2

The best link building opportunities for [topic]

Technique 3

How to get trust backlinks for [topic]

Group 2: For Outreach

Technique 4

Create a list of personal blogs (give me table with links) of bloggers in [topic] niche

Technique 5

Find a list of potential guest blogging opportunities for [topic] (create table with links)

Technique 6

Write 3 variants of the first outreach letter for [topic]

Technique 7

 Create funny short follow up letter if we don’t get a response

Group 3: For Crowd Marketing

Technique 8

Find forums for [topic] discussions (create table with links)

Technique 9

Create a table with links of QA sites for [topic]

Technique 10

Write an answer to the question [topic]. Just main points

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You need to know that ChatGPT really can't do any analyzing or web researching work. You will still need to do it yourself. Using a keyword research Checklist or any other one that is relevant to your task will help you not forget anything. Besides, you should know how to buy backlink safely. Also, don't forget that you can advertise on Telegram to attract more customers and increase your brand recognition.

ChatGPT is just one more source of information and maybe a tool for some tasks, basically it's not about something more. At least now. Do you agree? Or disagree?

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