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Top SEO experts in the USA (United States of America) to follow in 2023

Top SEO specialist from United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany ect. Who is the best SEO expert in the world 👈See the list.

Founder of Backlinko & Exploding Topics
Brian is an effective and popular blogger. His Backlinko is known by all SEO experts, regardless of level. After all, it is always relevant and interesting here, and different sources have their own special feature, so we recommend you to subscribe everywhere😉

Brian Dean 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Co-founder of Neil Patel Digital
Neil Patel actively shares current life hacks and search engine promotion features. In addition to being the owner of a digital agency, he conducts educational activities and teaches SEO students using practical examples.

Neil Patel 👉🏻 Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Instagram, Youtube

CEO RustyBrick & Search Geek
In social media and blog, Barry makes actual posts about updates on search engines and tools, and share practical tips and useful links. Subscribe if you want to be informed.

Barry Schwartz 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

SparkToro CEO
Writes 30 tweets a week about marketing, IT, and startups. It's interesting to belong to one of the most popular SEO tools, so it's worth following to be up to date with new features.

Rand Fishkin 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Search Engine Land, Marketing Land
Sees his mission to help better understand Google's algorithms, and the search engine to better hear users and increase the relevance quality of search results. Actually, he talks about this on his social media.

Danny Sullivan 👉🏻  Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

Chief strategist of The Future
Constantly looking for ways to increase traffic and conversions for companies. Helps entrepreneurs develop new products.

Nick Eubanks 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram  

Founder at Gotch SEO
He actively shares his experience on YouTube and Twitter. Stands out at profile events. Considers his mission to tell as many people as possible about SEO.

Nathan Gotch 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

President at Pilot Holding
A technical specialist who gradually became an entrepreneur. The main problems he deals with are technical SEO and bringing businesses to new stages of development.

Eric Enge 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

Director of SEO at Shopify
Kevin shares what he is learning in the field of SEO on his social media.

Kevin Indig 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

Head of Growth at Twingate
Creator of video content about SEO and online marketing in general. Helps you become an influencer through personal branding, public speaking, and live streaming.

Paul Andre (DRE) de Vera 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

B2B marketer, author of the book «SEO Blueprint»
Founder of SEO agency WEBRIS, consulting agency Ryan Stewart Consulting, and community for SEO agencies The Blueprint Training. Speaker, Author.

Ryan Stewart 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube

Founder & SEO Marketing Specialist at Develomark
Vlogger. Great SEO vlog. On social media, he shares useful content for the search (and not only).

Ruan M. Marinho 👉🏻 Blog, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

VP, Marketing at LAPP
Marketer and a musician. At work, directs efforts to create demand for the product throughout its life cycle and generate profit through effective marketing.

Nathan Plaunt 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

Web/Marketing Analyst and Author of Making Data Sexy
Likes to visualize analytics data to develop clear online marketing strategies.

Annie Cushing 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube

CEO and Founder of Internet Marketing Ninjas
His company has been working in the field of Internet marketing since 1999. The main service is search engine optimization in various directions. Jim speaks at professional events with reports on SEO, link building, Google updates, and the future of online marketing in general.

Jim Boykin 👉🏻  Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube

Senior Vice President, SEO at Razorfish
SEO specialist with extensive experience in automotive and retail. A programmer who became a marketer. Avid speaker at SEO conferences, creator of special SEO data visualization tools. Author of «Dictionary of Internet Slang».

Ryan Jones 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Instagram

Founder of Netconcepts
Recognized SEO expert, author of books and podcasts. And also the author of his own SEO technology.

Stephan Spencer 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube 

Owner, Blogger, Podcaster at Niche Pursuits
Author of Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool. Hosts podcasts where he shares his thoughts on the development of the industry, as well as communicates with colleagues.

Spencer Haws 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube

Founder of the TOP-5 SEO companies, including Lseo, Referlocal, Pepperjam
Entrepreneur, investor, and author of books and articles on search engine optimization and traffic monetization. Host of the TV show Keystone Edition.

Kristopher B. Jones 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube

CEO and Founder of Credo & Editor Ninja
Created by him, Credo helps marketing agencies and businesses get together. And Editor Ninja is a great editing assistant. Advises marketplaces and large websites on how to do SEO. And readers of their resources — how to develop in the field of search engine optimization.

John Doherty 👉🏻 Blog, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

Former administrator at United States Digital Service and former head of webspam at Google
In the blog, Matt talks about his practice of SEO and professional interaction with Google. Cases, stories from life, and various practical recommendations.

Matt Cutts 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Instagram, Youtube

CEO and Founder of Diggity Marketing
Read about updates, SE algorithms, and the digital party in Matt's social media. Also, look for case studies, practical tips, life hacks, checklists, and instructions. He also speaks at professional events as a speaker.

Matt Diggity 👉🏻 Twitter, BlogFacebook, Youtube 

Chief Digital Officer at Brado
Shares with subscribers expert articles, guides, and various useful life hacks in the field of SEO, SEM, and content marketing.

AJ Ghergich 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube

Founder and CEO at О
On his Twitter, Bartosz writes a lot about the activities and research of the Onely agency, and also provides a lot of expert industry content. Read about SEO, search traffic, and the effect of diet cola on the body on social media of Góralewicz.

Bartosz Góralewicz 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Youtube, Facebook

Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital
Many technical and content points, always relevant materials and discussions.

Bill Slawski 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube

SEO-consultant at G-Squared Interactive
The focus is on Google algorithms and updates, technical SEO, and training on search engine optimization.

Glenn Gabe 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Instagram

SEO Director Path Interactive
SEO by day, DJ by night. Lily is interesting not only to read but also to listen 📀 The blog and pages on social media easily combine information about updating search engines, SEO content features, fitness, and drumming. And that's what distinguishes the Brooklyn SEO lady from other SEO bloggers.

Lily Ray 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Instagram

Founder of The SEO Playbook training program. SEO at Virayo
Robbie shares strategies on his blog and public social media to help improve your SEO. In addition, he speaks at profile events on marketing and promotion on the Internet.

Robbie Richards 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Youtube

Managing Editor of Search Engine Land & SMX
Author of digital content, editor of a specialized publication on search engine optimization.

Danny Goodwin 👉🏻 Twitter, Facebook, Blog

Founder of Zyppy
Three tweets every day about SEO, marketing, content, and search engine ranking algorithms. Look for interesting opinions, practical cases, and useful links.

Cyrus Shepard 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Instagram

Marketing Manager at Hugging Face
A serial entrepreneur. A marketer with basic skills in SEO (yes, also consults). Speaker in the areas of data science and machine learning.

Britney Muller 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Instagram

Own & operate at RicketyRoo
Speaker on local SEO, participant of Local Search Ranking Factors. He not only writes about SEO on his social media but also shares his experience at professional events and in interviews.

Blake Denman 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

Global VP - Audience Development Strategy & CRM at Condé Nast
Approaches the problems of online promotion comprehensively. He has significant managerial experience in the field of marketing.

John Shehata 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

Technical SEO Team Lead, Growth at Shopify
«Technical marketer», author, and regular speaker. Specializes in advanced SEO. Helped many celebrities to improve their online presence and increase their income. He also publishes articles on social media.

Paul Shapiro 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

Local SEO Consultant, co-founder at Tidings
In online marketing since 2000, in SEO since 2003. Focus on strategies and tactics that help local businesses attract customers beyond search engines.

David Mihm 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

SEO Consultant & SEO Podcaster
Freelance SEO consultant. Assists sites in many industries with various aspects of optimization, from content strategy and techniques to Google Discover and Google Web Stories. Hosts podcasts and speaks at conferences.

Dan Shure 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

Co-Founder & CEO, AlgoExpert
Clement's social media are more about coding and programming the site. However, the topic is very closely related to technical SEO. So if you are interested, go ahead.

Clement Mihailescu 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Youtube

UCLA Instructor - Regional Advisor at NorCal Regional SBDC
Consults on digital marketing, search engine optimization, online sales, etc.

Shane Barker 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

Principal SEO Product Manager at Cox Automotive Inc
Speaker and podcaster. Search Marketing Professional with experience in copywriting and editing, web design, landing page optimization, keyword research, PPC, analytics/reporting, team management, and social media.

Keith Goode 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

International Speaker and SEO Consultant at Navah Hopkins Consulting
SEO entrepreneur and consultant passionate about innovative approaches to online marketing and data management.

Navah Hopkins 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

YouTuber, entrepreneur
On his YouTube channel, Christian talks about setting up sites that attract users.

Christian Taylor 👉🏻 Blog, Youtube, Instagram

President, International Search Marketing Consultant at AJPR
Motoko has been consulting international companies on SEO and SEM issues since the mid-90s. And she helps big brands in the USA and Europe to enter the market of Japan and Asia. Also performs at profile events of various scales.

Motoko Hunt 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

Senior SEO Consultant
Well-versed in local and technical SEO, blogs on various online marketing topics. Uses social media to generate organic links, reach, and content distribution.

Jeremy Rivera 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

Founder TopHatRank
Digital marketer, SEO specialist, speaker at international events, participant and winner of expert awards. His agency specializes in content, search, and social media marketing and works with brands large and small across the United States.

Arsen Rabinovich 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook 

Owner of NorthSide Metrics, Consultant & Public Speaker
With a focus on analytical indicators, KPIs, and a good knowledge of various marketing tools, he helps clients develop winning online promotion strategies. Teaches and conducts business podcasts.

Dave Rohrer 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Podcast

Chief Evangelist, Head of Professional Services & Co-Founder at Conductor
SEO consultant for companies. Speaker and author of expert content. A beginner's guide to mastering organic search traffic.

Stephan Bajaio 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Youtube

Speaker, author, founder of Spartan Media, and a Marine Corps veteran
Helps build brands and reputation online to attract new customers.

Jeremy Knauff 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

CEO of BLUSH Digital, Founder & Partner of Digital Marketers Organization
Runs a digital marketing company that focuses on SEO/SEM for enterprise and mid-sized businesses. They also organize two industry events every year.

Jim Christian 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

SEO Director at
Known as the SEOGoddess since 2004, Jenn specializes in technical SEO for businesses. Her work with corporate companies has made her an expert in technical optimization and the development of search engine promotion strategies for large organizations and SEO teams.

Jennifer Mathews 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

Owner, SEO Expert at Bruce Clay, Inc
Helping websites get on the first page of Google since 1996. An industry leader you can trust.

Bruce Clay 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

Vice President, Brand at Overit/Smith & Jones
Well-known author of authoritative media, blogger, marketing, and brand strategist. In addition to search marketing, she focuses on small businesses and promotion on social media.

Lisa Barone 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

Co-Founder of Market Motive Inc and the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google
Blogs and writes books on analytics and data learning for more effective promotion in the digital environment.

Avinash Kaushik 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

CEO of First Page Sage
A pioneer of modern SEO. Runs the largest SEO agency in the USA, blogs, and is published in authoritative media.

Evan Bailyn 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

CEO at Keylimetoolbox
Shares interesting conclusions from professional activities, describes cases and life hacks. There are many discussions on Twitter. Get involved.

Vanessa Fox 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Manager of Search & Findability at Red Hat
Tips, humor, and SEO discussions. Read, discuss, and immerse yourself in the topic.

JP Sherman 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Partner & CMO at Crunchy Links
A digital marketer fighting for the rights of African Americans. In Twitter.

Jamar Ramos 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Founder of Search Engine Journal / Co-Founder, Foundation Digital
You definitely know this name if you are subscribed to the international magazine known among professionals.

Loren Baker 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

SEO Expert and Consultant doing Enterprise SEO for QuickBooks
Search engine optimization veteran. Managed SEO departments, and worked in healthcare, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, ticketing, and coupon industries. In his column on SEJ, he talks a lot about mobile SEO.

Bryson Meunier 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Global SEO Lead at Uber
Jackie is engaged in attracting users from search engines in an international company. Has extensive experience in marketing and SEO for B2B and B2C companies. Specialization: SEO, technical SEO, international SEO, ASO, web analytics, online video, content strategies, and paid social media. She writes about all this in the blog and on social media.

Jackie Chu 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Machine Learning Engineer в Local SEO Guide
Jessica is passionate about search algorithms and SEO, especially how machines today recognize natural human language and produce results that guess at user intent. Subscribe now to read Jess.

Jessica Peck 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Founder of Chief Marketing Strategist и Six Stories
SEO author and digital marketing consultant. Specializes in content-driven strategy that can increase engagement and traffic.

Kelsey Jones 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Product Advisor, Technical SEO, & Brand Ambassador at Ahrefs
Lives and breathes SEO. Founder of Raleigh SEO Meetup, the most successful event in the USA, author in specialized online media, and speaker on search engine optimization.

Patrick Stox 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Marketing Scientist at Moz
Data Specialist: How to not only collect it right but also show it clearly.

Peter Meyers 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Director of Digital Strategy at RicketyRoo
Helping small and medium-sized local businesses grow online with SEO. Selects effective SEO strategies that focus not only on traffic but also on potential customers.

Amanda Jordan 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

SEO Consultant & Principal Analyst at Hall Analysis
Web developer, writer, marketer, and artist. Extensive experience both geographically, thematically, and technologically. Engages in the Internet with passion and desire to bring change and new opportunities to its customers and users. And also to the readers of his social media.

Joe Hall 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Local Strategy & Solutions
Google Business Profile Platinum Product Expert

Krystal Taing 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Speaker on SEO and content
Blogger, copywriter, and content specialist who actively shares her experience at profile events and on her resources.

Carolyn Lyden 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Technical SEO/News SEO/Enterprise
Technical and news SEO specialist, conference speaker and expert trainer, and digital marketing strategist.

Carolyn Shelby 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog 

Managing Partner at Bold+Stone
Another online entrepreneur, speaker, and investor.

Mike Ramsey 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Founder of MOGmedia Inc., Expedia, Omnicom
Experienced digital marketer with good technical knowledge and extensive experience working with brands. Acts as an expert in the media and at profile events.

Martin MacDonald 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

CEO & Founder of MobileMoxie
Considered a leader in mobile SEO and ASO marketing. She regularly speaks at national and international trade events. Shares expertise in this topic also on the pages of online magazines.

Cindy Krum 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Director of Development and SEO SurveyMonkey
Development and SEO advisor and consultant, author and teacher of the Product Led SEO educational program, investor. Helps newbies find jobs in digital marketing through expertise, training, and consulting.

Eli Schwartz 👉🏻 Twitter, Instagram

Head of SEO at Chewy
Develops and implements various strategies for attracting traffic and online promotion of products and services.

Tyler Reardon 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Director, Organic Growth at Talkspace
Experienced manager in enterprise development and e-commerce. Has over 9 years of experience in SEO strategy, and performance measurement for Fortune 500 companies and SaaS startups.

Taylor Berg 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog 

Vice President of Innovation at Seer Interactive
His digital agency uses big data to find valuable insights that impact client outcomes and help scale it.

Wil Reynolds 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog 

Director of Digital Marketing and Content at AgentSync
An active SEO specialist went from a technical optimizer to a digital marketing director.

Niki Mosier 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Owner-Founder Level343
Manages a marketing SEO agency and also advises other agencies on online promotion.

Gabriella Sannino 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Owner in Greenlane
Runs his own internet marketing agency that advises corporate and e-commerce brands on SEO, PPC, CRO, analytics, content strategy, and media advertising.

Bill Sebald 👉🏻 Twitter, Facebook

Tech SEO, CRO & Analytics | Consultant, Speaker, Author
Experienced optimizer, author of technical SEO books.

Matthew Edgar 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

The Original Online Reputation Expert
Author, speaker, and consultant on branding and online promotion.

Andy Beal 👉🏻 Blog, Facebook

Founder at Perpetual Digital Media, Founder and CEO at Ward Enterprises
His company creates and manages websites. Worked in SEO, digital marketing, and digital product development, as well as Excel and Analytics. This made it possible to create a business based on big data and become a data provider for governments and large companies.

Carson Ward 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Global Technical SEO Director at Condé Nast
Max's specialty is the technical side of search engine optimization. He manages this direction in a digital marketing agency and also acts as a developer on a specialized website about technology.

Max Prin 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

SEO Consultant for Multi-Location Brands, Local Marketplaces & B2B SaaS
His company,, has been helping large and small businesses with SEO for over 15 years. And on Twitter, he shares cases and current news.

Andrew Shotland 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Partner/Head of Production Team at Amplitude Digital and Adjunct Professor, UCLA
Partner of a digital advertising media agency specializing in search, media, social and mobile marketing. During the 25 years that he has been in the profession, he has worked with world-famous brands and performed at professional events. And today he accumulates his knowledge on public pages.

Jeff Ferguson 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Technical SEO Consultant, Vice President at Deepcrawl
She has been engaged in technical SEO for about 20 years, later reformed into a manager. Advocates the availability and security of the Internet and full access to its capabilities.

Ashley Berman Hale 👉🏻 Twitter, Instagram

Digital marketer, speaker
Consults and talks about digital marketing, SEO, and content. 40k+ hours of internet marketing experience. Speaker and author of expert articles.

Ian Lurie 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Digital Marketing Consultant | Host and Creator of Search Talk Live
A specialist in online marketing and site optimization with almost 20 years of experience. The author and host of the Search Talk Live show. In just a year, it has gained huge success and is listened to by thousands of people worldwide.

Robert O’Haver 👉🏻 Twitter, Facebook

SEO Consultant at Julia Renee Consulting
SEO consultant, Pinterest strategist, and Master of History. And she is the first professor of SEO at Drexel University. Works with creative companies to expand their online presence and organically attract user clients.

Julia Bocchese 👉🏻 Blog, Instagram

B2B Tech Digital Marketing Consultant
Helping B2B clients build brand awareness and succeed online. In addition to search engine optimization, he also deals with online advertising, and social media advertising, and writes about influence and content marketing.

Tom Pick 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

SEO Consultant
Involved in the creation and implementation of digital strategies focused on growing online presence for various brands and agencies.

Daniel Leibson 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Lead SEO at
Optimizer with excellent knowledge in development and web design. An active member of the SEO community, author, and speaker.

Brian Harnish 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

SEO Strategist, Marketer, Writer, Editor
Consults on SEO issues around the world. In addition to optimization, the field of interest is content marketing and marketing in general.

AnnaLea Crowe Henderson 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Director Paid Search Boathouse Agency | Founder Aspiro Agency | Co-owner Denton Diablos
He is a senior manager in several specialized search engine promotion and digital marketing agencies.

Damon Gochneaur 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

CEO, Siege Media | SEO-Focused Content Marketing
In hisactivities, Ross focuses efforts on SEO-oriented content, its laws, and opportunities.

Ross Hudgens 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Local SEO Specialist/Analyst at Sterling Sky Inc
SEO specialist for local search of a Canadian company.

Carrie Hill 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Innovative approaches to search engine optimization (SEO), internal search on the site, and optimization of conversions. This is what Christina focuses on in her work with clients.

Christina LeVasseur (Brodzky) 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Global SEO Strategist | Organic Optimization Lead at IBM
Works with large companies, speaker, and author of profile materials.

Jesse McDonald 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Content Strategy & SEO Director
Content-oriented SEO director. Speaker. Helped companies in various industries develop content strategies that attracted users from conventional search.

Alli Berry 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

SEO strategist/consultant
SEO strategist and consultant for local, national, and international companies and organizations. speaker. US Search Awards judge.

Grant Simmons 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

SEO writing strategist, corporate trainer
For over 20 years teaching students how to write outstanding SEO content and skyrocket their income. Business coach and founder.


Sr. Director of Digital • Speaker • Writer • Content Marketer • B2B SEO
The field of interest is wide. At the same time, it is all about the effectiveness of online promotion with an emphasis on B2B customers.

Casie Gillette 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

IA polymath with SEO, Content Strategy, UX, Human AI
Explores the relationship between modern information architecture (IA) and the operation of search engines. Former president of the IA Institute, co-chairman of the IA Summit 2017.

Marianne Sweeny 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog 

Vice President of SEO at Stella Rising
The practicing optimizer in the agency, winner of prestigious professional awards.

John Morabito 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Head of Technical SEO and Good Human Being at HubSpot
Interdisciplinary search marketer who focuses on business strategies and compromise solutions for online promotion issues.

Victor Pan 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

CEO of UpBuild
A search marketer focused on the use of big data.

Ruth Burr Reedy 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Director, Product at PayPal
Advises both early-stage startups and large Fortune 500 companies on their product development (eg Pinterest, Tripadvisor, Uber, etc.).

Eric Wu 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog 

Director SEO CBS Sports at ViacomCBS
Specializes in areas such as Organic SEO, News SEO, Social Media Marketing, Enterprise SEO.

Topher Kohan 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Product Manager SEO, Under Armour
Interested in topics such as User Experience, Growth Marketing, Content, Mobile and E-commerce.

Holly Miller Anderson 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Owner -
Site audit, link building strategy: topics and services in which Roger specializes. An independent SEO consultant, he presents his experience at professional conferences and in articles in authoritative SEO magazines.

Roger Montti 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog 

SEO Director at Paramount, Streaming
Manages SEO for Paramount+, Pluto TV, and Showtime services. Industry veteran (in online marketing since 1996) and international speaker.


CEO at WrightIMC
With 20 years of experience in interactive marketing, PR and journalism, Tony has made a career in digital and helping companies of all sizes make more money online.

Tony Wright 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Founder and CEO of International Media Management
He and his company develop marketing campaigns specifically for clients that reach an international audience. Specialization: PPC, SEO, SMM, video, and global content strategy.

Michael Bonfils 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

VP, Strategy at LOCOMOTIVE Agency
The main goal of the activity is to use technology and data to make informed decisions that will allow companies to scale and get results.

JR Oakes 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Founder of Web Traffic Advisors
20 years driving traffic from search engines for various companies. Now he is a marketing consultant, a blogger who writes about paid and free online search, a speaker at professional events, and a member of expert marketing associations.

Chris Boggs 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog 

VP of SEO & Content at Turn/River Capital
Speaker and author of content for experts. Advises companies on the use of search tools, as well as conducting local campaigns in search engines.

Micah Fisher-Kirshner 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Director SEO at Credit Karma
Technical optimization specialist. She talks about it in podcasts, writes in a blog and in industry magazines, and successfully applies it in his professional activities.

Shelly Fagin​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

CEO & Lead Strategist at Outspoken Media
In her professional activity, she is responsible for the strategy and general vision of development (of her company and clients). And she shares her experience at conferences, in expert materials in profile blogs, where she is published as a guest author.

Rhea Drysdale​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog 

Digital Marketing Executive and Start-Up
Over 20 years of marketing expertise with a focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC, and new marketing channels.

AJ Kohn​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

President & Founder of Pam Ann Marketing
Her digital marketing agency specializes in SEO, PPC, analytics, and WordPress. She calls her team «web traffic controllers», and she herself entered the Top 10 Women in SEO and is a co-author of industry literature.

Pam Aungst Cronin​​​​​​​ 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

SEO & Content Marketing Consultant at Clean Media
Consults on search engine optimization and content marketing. Worked with real estate, technology, medical and e-commerce brands to increase their online presence. Experience is presented in the format of articles and podcasts.

Harrison Kelly​​​​​​​ 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

SEO Director at Hennessey Consulting
Independent SEO consultant. Experience varies from a co-founder of a digital agency to in-house SEO and agency-level marketing. He is a speaker at international conferences, a columnist, and the author of a book about marketing in social media.

Jordan Kasteler​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Founder at + Brand Manager at
She has served as editor-in-chief at Search Engine Journal and has been a regular columnist for some of the most prominent online internet marketing media. Today, she is the author of her projects and the brand manager of an online media.

Ann Smarty​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog 

VP of Global SEO, Vimeo
He analyzes market trends, consumer needs, and competitors' initiatives to create effective search marketing strategies to expand business's online presence.

Todd Friesen​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 👉🏻 Twitter

Founder at Citation Labs & ZipSprout
His project deals with link building for both large-scale and local needs.

Garrett French​​​​​​​ 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Founder at MobileMonkey & WordStream
The projects he created make life easier for webmasters and representatives of other online professions: one helps to search for keywords, and the other helps to communicate with users on various mobile platforms.

Larry Kim 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Demand Generation Manager at iPullRank
His mission is to provide expert advice to small businesses and digital marketing agencies who want to create, improve their online presence and increase revenue with online tools.

Garrett Sussman 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Founder & Managin Dsrector of iPullRank
Michael’s Agency deals with corporate SEO: from technical optimization to content strategy and content. In addition, he actively consults on various optimization issues, speaks at conferences, and calls himself a «technical marketer». Interesting? Subscribe and read his tweets.

Michael King 👉🏻 Blog

SEO Entrepreneur
Mike is a self-taught SEO. He independently studied search marketing and shares his own conclusions on his social media.

Mike Blazer​​​​​​​ 👉🏻 Facebook​​​​​​​

Local SEO Specialist
He calls himself a nerd in the field of optimization for local markets. Do you grow locally online? Read Greg's Tips.

Greg Gifford​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 👉🏻 Twitter

SEO Manager | SEJ Contributor | SMX Speaker
SEO focuses on optimizing both the content and technical aspects of websites to improve user search and site performance.

Abby Hamilton 👉🏻 Blog

Technical SEO Consultant
I'm not a robot, but I'm talking to a bot. That's how Jamie talks about herself. Success is tied to an organic combination of marketing and development that helps gather the data needed to make decisions.

Jamie Indigo 👉🏻 Twitter

Head of Digital Strategy & SEO at NetSuite
In addition to developing search engine optimization strategies for her company, Jess also speaks at professional events and shares his experience.

Jessica Levenson 👉🏻 Twitter

SEO в RicketyRoo, SERP Whisperer
Practicing specialist in search marketing. Not very public, but with considerable experience.


Lead SEO Content Manager at Kelley Blue Book & Autotrader (Cox Automotive)
Specializes in building a content strategy and SEO optimization strategy.

Melissa Fach 👉🏻 Twitter

SEO at Weedmaps
SEO specialist who loves to visualize data in Google Data Studio. Focus on technological SEO.

Rachel Anderson 👉🏻 Twitter

SEO specialist and internet marketer
Digital marketer with more than five years of experience working in an agency. Specialization: digital strategy, technical SEO, content strategy, CRO, and analytics.

Aimee Sanford 👉🏻 Twitter

eCommerce Product Leader
Develops marketing strategies for SaaS projects and beyond. Currently VP of E-Commerce Products at Shift4. Brings disruptive digital innovations to market.

Jimmy Rodriguez 👉🏻 Twitter

Founder of Content Hacker
Her pages are more about content marketing (books and teaching). It is also useful for SEO specialists, taking into account the emphasis of modern online promotion (content first).

Julia McCoy 👉🏻 Instagram

Digital Marketing Strategist | Entrepreneur | Investor
Helps companies to plan the right digital marketing strategy, increases the level of presence on the Internet, and with it, the return on investment.

Steven Kang 👉🏻 Facebook

SEO Director at Merkle
Alexis is an excellent SEO specialist and a well-educated person.

Alexis Sanders​​​​​​​ 👉🏻 Blog

Digital Marketing, Local & Technical SEO
Specialist in technical and local SEO.

Andy Simpson​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 👉🏻 Twitter 

Founder at De9er Media
Link builder, speaker, columnist. Experienced traditional marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) professional specializing in link building, content strategy, and online trend research.

Debra Mastaler​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 👉🏻 Twitter

SEO Consultant
Consults on search engine optimization, conducts site audits, adjusts for major updates, advises and supports, speaks at conferences, and writes on SEO topics.

Published Author, Digital Marketing Strategist & Professor
Speaks at conferences, and teaches at webinars, courses, and other educational events. Writes expert content.

Owner at Pin Point Web
Engaged in SEO and PPC for clients, developing in the direction of affiliate marketing and online sales.

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