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30K+ Websites With Live Audiences for Promotion and Advertising on the Web

You may remember that we celebrated 25K websites in our catalog in November of 2023. The assortment of quality online platforms has grown by 5000+ new websites in just 3 months. It continues to expand with new websites from various corners of the world that accept guest posts every day. This allows you to expand your business/project into any international market.

Catalog Overview: 30,000 Online Platforms for Effective Collaboration 

New websites for advertising bring new opportunities for:

  • gaining backlinks for your online resource and increasing its domain authority;
  • attracting your target audience and increasing traffic;
  • improving brand awareness;
  • achieving top positions on Google;
  • promoting your business in American, European, and other international markets.

The geography of Collaborator's catalog

The total amount of websites available in Collaborator’s catalog exceeds 30,000, and their geography covers all continents.

We actively add news websites from the USA, UK, Spain, France, Ukraine, Brazil, Italy, India, Argentina, and Mexico. In particular, we recently reported on expanding the catalog by 100 Spanish websites owned by EditorialON

Discover new horizons for your business/product growth in Ukrainian and international markets. You can select a relevant platform by region: to do this, specify the country from the list in the filtering panel.

How to find websites in the particular region easily in Collaborator's catalog

Topics and Prices in Collaborator’s Catalog

Collaborator is a variety of trusted media outlets from different corners of the world: the countries of Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Oceania. They are available in a wide range of topics: over 35 of them are in the catalog.

A significant portion of the platforms, namely 74%, belong to popular topics:

  • Media (News) — news websites with up-to-date information for the general public;
  • Business and Finance — news, analytical materials, and reviews of management strategies and trends in the world of commerce and finance;
  • Entertainment and Hobbies — online resources dedicated to leisure and recreation;
  • City Portals — local community news: event discussions, cultural event announcements, advertising announcements for local communities;
  • Technology — media outlets where readers will find curiosities and reviews of the latest advancements in information technology, software, and engineering.

The same categories are leaders by the number of finalized deals.

Over 20% of the websites are from narrow-specific niches: Cryptocurrencies, Sport, Health, and Medicine.

Market and Regional Analysis: Opportunities for Advertising and Promotion

As of February 2024, the distribution by popular topics and the cost of publications by regions is as follows: 

North America

*The Price statistics in the catalog section demonstrate the percentage ratio of the total number of websites and the number of sites in the respective price category.

Websites from North American countries are available in Collaborator's catalog

You can choose relevant online platforms for content promotion in Collaborator’s catalog, which includes over 13,400 trusted websites, including business portals and news websites from the USA, Canada, Mexico, and other countries.

North American countries are important players in the global market with dynamic and competitive business environments and leaders in many innovative industries, which results in a large number of websites in Business and Finance, Technology, and Electronics and Technologies niches.

The variety of platforms available in accessible price categories makes this market particularly attractive for advertisers interested in placing guest posts about new developments, startups, technological trends, business strategies, financial news, etc.

South America

Websites from South American countries are available in Collaborator's catalog

Over 1,600 media outlets from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and others are available for your successful advertising campaigns.

Online platforms from South American countries provide ample opportunities for promoting content in Spanish, Portuguese, English, and other languages, thanks to the linguistic diversity of the region. Besides, the publication cost ranging from $4 to $1,500 is suitable for various budgets and promotion needs.


Websites from European countries are available in Collaborator's catalog

Websites from European countries are diverse and affordable. They reflect a wide range of audience interests. Choose from among 16,000 trusted media outlets from the UK, Poland, Spain, and others for brand globalization and attracting quality target audiences.

With its linguistic diversity, cultural heritage, tourism potential, economic development, and political activism, the European region attracts the attention of those aiming to reach a wide audience by distributing relevant content. It provides favorable conditions for advertisers and content marketers in selecting suitable platforms for advertising publications.

Australia and Oceania

Websites from Australia and Oceania are available in Collaborator's catalog

Over 400 trusted media outlets from Australia, New Zealand, and other countries that accept guest posts are already available in Collaborator’s catalog. Most of them charge less than $100 for a publication.

Go to the catalog to view the websites from Australia and Oceania. Choose relevant online platforms in the category you need for your business/project promotion. Conquer the international market and take it to the next level.


Websites from Asia are available in Collaborator's catalog

Online platforms from over 30 countries in Asia are available in our catalog. The five leading countries by the number of websites are India, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, the UAE, and Japan.

Asia is a key player in the global economy, a region renowned for its technological and innovative progress. The assortment of websites in the catalog grows every day, so you will easily find media outlets for advertising placement in English, Indonesian, Kazakh, Hindi, Arabic, and other languages.


Websites from Africa are available in Collaborator's catalog

Promoting projects in foreign markets is easy. Over 350 platforms from Nigeria, Angola, Egypt, Kenya, and other African countries are already in Collaborator’s catalog.

If you haven't found any sites in the African geo for your queries and needs before, please review the catalog again. Collaborator’s team is trying to help our clients actively promote themselves in international markets. To make it happen, we are actively expanding our catalog of online platforms. Our moderators carefully check each of them.

Do you lack platforms on specific topics? Let us know which online resources you want to see in our catalog. Send a request, and we will start searching for them.

How you can request the addition of more websites to the catalog

How to Set the Catalog and Choose the Right Online Platform 

With over 40 filtering options, you can quickly choose the right website for your project from online platforms with active audiences and confirmed analytics, whatever geographic location you are targeting. Customize the catalog according to your marketing and SEO needs: specify the geo, topic, language of the website, traffic, placement format, price, or other necessary metrics.

How to set the filter in Collaborator's catalog to your needs

To view new websites, go to the catalog and specify the necessary parameter (“Added to the System”) in the filter.

How to view the last added websites in Collaborator's catalog

In Collaborator’s catalog, you can quickly and easily: 

  • view confirmed data on traffic, audience geography, website’s DR, and other essential metrics; 
  • read feedback other advertisers left: it will help to make the right choice;
  • set the Search agent that alerts you about new online platforms meeting your requirements. 

Sign up to order guest post or press release publications on trusted online platforms. 

We don’t stop. Our next goal is 50K🙂

Your opinion matters to us, so we eagerly await your feedback. Please write your suggestions regarding our catalog assortment using the 'Not enough sites?' form in the catalog's upper right corner or in the support chat.

Wishing you successful deals💙

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