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Top 50+ Google Chrome Extensions for SEO You Should Know

Browser extension is a program that complements and expands its functionality or integrates an existing service into the browser to help the SEO specialist and Internet marketer.

They are also called:

  • browser extension;
  • SEO plugins;
  • SEO addons.

The Collaborator team has collected and prepared a list of SEO extensions for Chrome for you. We've tested each SEO Chrome plugin before recommending it to you.

How Can SEO Extensions Be Helpful?

Optimizers, digital marketers, and webmasters install best SEO plugins for Chrome that help reduce the time it takes to complete tasks. After all, you will agree that it is very convenient to learn the information that you need to look for in full-fledged tools, with just a couple of clicks on the extension in the browser.

There are a host of SEO extensions ranging from simple add-ons to more complicated plugins currently available for Chrome. So you are sure to find the ones that can make your workday much easier and more productive. They can help you with but not limited to the following tasks:

  • conducting keyword research;
  • making on-page SEO;
  • analyzing your competitors;
  • checking your website ranking.

The number of Chrome SEO extensions which can cover all your needs varies depending on your particular tasks. Some specialists use from 6 to 10 plugins on a regular basis, while others install only 2-5 chrome extensions for SEO.

Important! Despite the fact that all these extensions are cool, we do not recommend installing them at the same time and actively using them, because you can slow down Chrome.

Free Backlink Checker by LRT

Free backlink checker by LRT allows you to check all external and internal links on a web page, broken and unverified links, and identify links to track. It also shows the power and trust rating for all Backlinks so you can identify the ones worth keeping. You can export all link data (in CSV or XLS format) or analyze the source code by hovering over it.

Free Backlink Checker by LRT плагин для хром

Download Free Backlink Checker by LRT →

Link Redirect Trace

The plugin helps you check the HTTP headers and redirect paths of your web pages. The extension indicates all unwanted states (codes 301, 302, 404, and 500). It also helps identify Meta and Javascript redirects. In addition, you receive information about the server (IP address) and information about other HTTP headers associated with the web page.

Link Redirect Trace розширення для хром браузера

Download Link Redirect Trace →

Link Research SEO Toolbar

Link research toolbar combines a complete set of SEO tools in one extension. They can help you increase your online visibility and ranking. The plugin focuses on domain and page authority and trust, backlink profile, content updates, and influence, and helps you find better link building opportunities.

Link Research SEO Toolbar доповнення для хром

Download Link Research SEO Toolbar →

Read more: Tools for testing and analysis of backlinks

LRT Power*Trust – PageRank Replacement

LRT Power*Trust is one of the most used SEO extensions that reports the trustworthiness of web pages/websites. The total score is a multiple of power and trust. Considered an alternative to the old Google PageRank tool. It helps:

  • to see the power and trust of the page;
  • find a relevant donor to place links (or search for backlinks);
  • check your backlinks.

LRT PowerTrust – PageRank Replacement

Download LRT Power*Trust – PageRank Replacement →

SimilarWeb – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis

The SimilarWeb plugin offers information on key SEO metrics and traffic (including source data) on any website. This is a powerful competitor analysis tool as it gives you insight into the traffic of your peers.

The functionality of the SimilarWeb extension allows you to see:

  • the rating of the website;
  • the number of visits and refusals;
  • website traffic sources (paid, regular, social media, etc.);
  • geography of the visitor/user base.

SimilarWeb – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis

Download Similarweb - Traffic Rank & Website Analysis →

Google Analytics Debugger

Google Analytics Debugger is an extension offered by the Google Analytics team that allows you to download a debugger version of every web page you visit. It «extracts» relevant information and places it in the Javascript console, including error and warning messages.

Google Analytics Debugger расширения для хром

Download Google Analytics Debugger →

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs SEO is a toolbar that helps you perform basic SEO analysis and get report on-page SEO without accessing any Ahrefs metrics. The report includes:

  • indicators of indexation;
  • analysis of titles and descriptions;
  • allocation of canonical URLs;
  • display of headings/subheadings H1-H6;
  • social tags.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar доповнення браузера хром

Download Ahrefs SEO Toolbar →

Read also:


MozBar is a quality SEO toolbar extension that greatly simplifies web page analysis. Setting up a search by region will allow you to get the following data:

  • the authority of the page/domain;
  • link profile;
  • comparative link metrics.

This is in the regular version of the plugin, and to use the professional version of Moz, authorization is required.

MozBar плагин розширення для браузера

Download MozBar →

Serpstat Website SEO Checker

Are you looking for the best SEO checker Chrome extension? Try the Serpstat Website SEO Checker. It is a tool that allows you to check a large list of SEO indicators for any web page: yours or your competitors. Internal SEO parameters and indicators:

  • page sources;
  • title and description meta tags;
  • analysis of pages and domains for free.

It also offers information about the range of SEO scales and displays the ranking status. 

We have integrated some Serpstat metrics into the Collaborator system

Serpstat Website SEO Checker

Download Serpstat Website SEO Checker →

SEO Pro Extension

SEO Pro extension shows basic SEO information of any page you are on. You get data about:

  • basic web metrics;
  • headings;
  • scheme;
  • links;
  • images;
  • structured data.

The extension will help with both technical and content SEO audits and will allow you to optimize your site for better performance and speed.

SEO Pro Extension плагин для хром розширення

Download SEO Pro Extension →

Google PageSpeed Insights API Extension

Google PageSpeed Insights API extension offers data about the speed of your web page, derived from the PageSpeed ​​analytics provided by Google. It checks the time spent on FCP, First Meaningful Paint (FMP), LCP, Time To Interactive, and Total Blocking time. The data is distributed over time for the desktop and mobile versions of the web page.

Google PageSpeed Insights API Extension

Download Google PageSpeed Insights API Extension →


SEO META in 1 CLICK improves the analysis and correction of meta tags, metadata, and some other things on the web page that you can work on to improve SEO. The plugin shows a comprehensive overview of your web page's SEO performance and detailed information about titles, images, backlinks, and social media links. It also offers links to other SEO tools for more thorough analysis.

SEO META in 1 CLICK расширение для хрома

Download SEO META in 1 CLICK →

Read more details about metatags in the article.

SEO Analysis & Website Review by WooRank

SEO Analysis and Website Review provide you with new SEO data for any web page, including the following SEO metrics:

  • structured data;
  • usability of web pages for mobile devices;
  • ease of use;
  • backlinks;
  • traffic.

It also provides information about the technologies used on the website. This extension can be used to optimize your own website and get information about competitors.

SEO Analysis & Website Review by WooRank

Download SEO Analysis & Website Review by WooRank →1

Web Vitals

Web Vitals is an extension whose main purpose is to inform you about the basic status of a website. The indicator turns red when even a single-core web host crashes. You can either check the status from time to time or work with the extension all the time (using its HUD overlay feature). This is useful during development.

Web Vitals плагін для хрома

Download Web Vitals →

Link Grabber

Link Grabber extracts all links from web pages and lists them in a separate attachment. This is a clean way to get link information. This URL data can be used in your own link building campaigns, especially if you are getting data from your top-ranking competitors' websites.

Link Grabber розширення для браузера хром по ссилкам

Download Link Grabber →

Page Load Time

The extension reports the loading time of your web page (in ms). Slow pages affect user behavior, and by optimizing load times, you can save more traffic to your website. The plugin breaks down the time spent on DOM, response, request, connection, DNS, and redirection so you know which element affects speed.

Page load time швидкість сайту плагін

Download Page load time →

SEO Site Tools, Site Analysis

SEO Site Tools, Site Analysis provides data on:

  • the number of indexed pages;
  • backlinks;
  • Alexa rating;
  • server IP address location;
  • traffic graphs, etc.

The plugin also comes with SEO tools like keyword density checker, metadata analyzer, and more. The extension offers a useful collection of SEO tools and audit data.

SEO Site Tools Site Analysis плагин

Download SEO Site Tools, Site Analysis →

OnCrawl SEO Page Audit

OnCrawl SEO Page Audit allows you to conduct a comprehensive SEO audit on any web page and include information such as indexing, content optimization for SEO, and content duplication. Colored markers easily determine the status of individual SEO indicators, and you will immediately notice what needs to be optimized.

OnCrawl SEO Page Audit еревірка сайту в браузері

Download OnCrawl SEO Page Audit →

Tag Assistant Legacy (by Google)

Tag Assistant is a tag management tool from Google that allows you to leave new tags and manage existing tags on a web page. This may include Google Analytics tags and marketing tags such as Adwords. The extension also improves the analysis of the tag implementation and provides suggestions for its improvement.

Tag Assistant Legacy розширення для гугл браузера

Download Tag Assistant Legacy (by Google) →

Spark Content Optimizer

Spark Content Optimizer is more than just content optimization for SEO. It allows you to:

  • conduct a technical SEO audit (calculates more than 40 indicators),
  • research keywords and track their ranking,
  • understand the profile and authority of backlinks of a web page (data taken from Majestic).

The extension can be used for free if you are authorized.

Spark Content Optimizer доповнення хром для контенту

Download Spark Content Optimizer →

SEO Checker Tool

SEO Checker Tool is a free extension that gives you an overview of the SEO status of any web page. The SEO checks it performs are divided into four main categories:

  • basic (ideal for identifying your competitors),
  • content check (with suggestions on how to improve it),
  • speed (desktop/mobile),
  • social media associations.

інструмент для сео аналізу в браузері хром

Download SEO Checker Tool →

DNS Checker – SEO and Domain Analysis

DNS Checker is a simple SEO and domain analysis tool. Its function allows you to track IP and geolocation data, analyze redirects, page performance, traffic and ranking data, website link profile, status indicators, etc. The tool is comprehensive enough for technical SEO analysis, but not quite ideal for content optimization.

DNS Checker для аналізу SEO та домену в браузері

Download DNS Checker - SEO and Domain Analysis →

Essential SEO Toolkit

Essential SEO Toolkit offers a wide range of SEO tools. They are all divided into seven categories by default, although you can customize and create your own. These tools cover almost everything from technical SEO, and link profile analysis to user engagement and social signals. This extension is complete enough to replace an entire set of SEO tools.

Essential SEO Toolkit

Download Essential SEO Toolkit →

Robots Exclusion Checker

Robots Exclusion Checker informs you with simple colored indicators: Blocked, Warning, or Allowed if a robot exclusion is stopping your web page from being crawled or indexed on the Internet. It looks at robots.txt, x-robots-tag, and Meta robots to highlight relevant details. If the page is blocked, the reason for blocking is revealed.

Robots Exclusion Checker аналіз сео через розширення

Download Robots Exclusion Checker →

Rich Results — Structured Data Test Plugin

Structured Data Test Plugin helps analyze a web page for micro-markup. It indicates both warnings and errors in the data structure and you can send them. It can be quickly used to test schema micro markup, JSON-LD, and microdata. Redirects to a tool from Google. Thus, you will save time for this task. 

Structured Data Test Plugin used for JSON-LD and microdata

Download Rich Results - Structured Data Test Plugin →

The 15-Minute SEO Audit

The 15-Minute SEO Audit looks for 10 SEO issues on a web page, including canonicalization, page breaks, and rich text issues, metadata issues, and more. If there are no problems in the category, the tab will be green. But if there is, there will be a red cross on the specific SEO check and the number of problems will also be displayed. Output is carried out via F12.

швидко подивитися SEO показники в браузері

Download The 15-Minute SEO Audit →

Yet another flags

The extension shows the flag and more detailed data about the city, region, and IP address of the website you are visiting. If the tool can't get the right geographic domain data, it just shows you a globe. You can also quickly go to the Whois service and view all data about the domain.

Yet another flags плагін для SEO

Yet another flags хуіз подивитися в браузері хром плагін

Download Yet another flags →

Greenlane SEO Sitemap Tools

Greenlane SEO Sitemap Tools offers a small set of SEO tools used for sitemap testing and validation. An unoptimized sitemap can cause problems with search engine optimization and disrupt the full crawling and indexing of your resources. You can check if all status codes are 200, find redirect paths and broken links. And also change the sitemap and test the changes in real-time. To do this, simply follow the sitemap URL. 

Greenlane SEO карта сайту плагін

Download Greenlane SEO Sitemap Tools →

Ryte structured data helper

The Ryte plugin allows you to test and validate the micro markup of your web page and fix any problems you may find in it. At the same time, you can even not leave the site. This will likely increase your chances of being eligible for rich text results, which will make your position in the search results more attractive and give you a better chance of getting a click.

Ryte аналіз струтктурованих даних розширення

Download Ryte structured data helper →


SEO SERP 2 allows you to analyze the search results page and extract useful information from various Google top-level domains. You can use it not only for keywords but also for images and videos. It displays information about the total search results, the number of them at the top of the page (useful for image data), what percentage of the results are used by the secure protocol, the average length of the headers, etc. To do this, enter a request and receive data.

Download SEO SERP 2 →


RDS Bar is an old but quite comfortable tool. With its help, you will be able to quickly analyze the SEO indicators of the site and its individual pages. It is more suitable for optimizers and webmasters. There are also functions that can be used by ordinary users.

After installation, a button will appear in the browser panel for:

  • comprehensive analysis of the site or page, from data grouped by blocks;
  • highlighting of external links, noindex/nofollow;
  • showing closed blocks on the page.

It also has a group of tools that extend the functionality of pages for search results (blocks with results), placing special parameters under them. 

RDS Bar плагін для SEO браузер хром

Download RDS Bar →

SERP Preview Tool

SERP Preview Tool is a tool for previewing SERP. A simple plugin that shows how your header/title, URL, and title/description will appear in organic search results. This can be an important step in creating content and writing meta tags of the right length, which will increase your chances of getting a link. 

попередній перегляд SERP

Download SERP Preview Tool →

SEO Minion

SEO Minion is a set of simple SEO tools. The plugin is available in 6 languages. Useful tools include:

  • SEO analysis of the page/site (with warnings about problems);
  • allocation of links (difference between external and internal links);
  • analysis of broken (non-working) links;
  • checking Hreflang tags;
  • locator for Google search (you can change the search result region);
  • a couple of search utilities.

SEO Minion SEO-плагін для браузера хром

Download SEO Minion →

Hreflang Tag Checker

Hreflang Tag Checker is useful for websites that have multiple language versions with different target audiences. It automates the process of evaluating Hreflang tags on a website. You can check if all the language versions refer to the same URL of the web page you are visiting. This ensures that the language version is suitable for the right audience.

Hreflang тег менеджер плагін для хром

Download Hreflang Tag Checker →

WebRank SEO

WebRank SEO is a tool that takes data on Alexa. It shows information in the form of:

  • traffic graphics;
  • indexed pages (both Google and Bing);
  • backlinks;
  • and also checks website security.

It allows you to compare your website to your competitor's website, making this plugin ideal for detailed niche analysis.

WebRank SEO веб ренк плагін

Download WebRank SEO →

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a free keyword research plugin based on the core of Surfer SEO. For any keyword searched using the extension, you will be able to see:

  • estimated traffic;
  • word count for all top competitors or their web pages;
  • price per click;
  • list of keywords.

Keyword Surfer плагін для ключових слів

Download Keyword Surfer →

Keywords Everywhere — Keyword Tool

Keywords Everywhere is available in both free and paid versions. Using this extension, you can simply do a Google search and get related keywords, as well as data on what people are also searching for. There is an opportunity to see estimated organic traffic for a keyword for free. To calculate cost per click, trends, and search volume, you need to use the paid version.

Keywords Everywhere розширення для ключових

Download Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool →

Link Klipper — Extract all links

A simple but very powerful extension for Chrome that helps export all links of a web page to a file. You no longer need to copy each link from a web page and save it separately.

Link Klipper — дослідження посилань в браузері хром

Download Link Klipper — Extract all links →


Allows you to open, copy or bookmark multiple links at once.

Linkclump gives you the ability to drag a selection box around links with your mouse to quickly work with them. 

Linkclump плагін розширення для хром

Download Linkclump →


Scans web pages for broken links and collects link metrics.

LinkMiner takes broken link checking to a new level. With this plugin, you can learn more about the links you're checking to make faster decisions about them. 

LinkMiner розширення для хром

Download LinkMiner →

META SEO inspector

Checks metadata found on web pages, finds problems, and gives advice on how to fix them.

This extension is primarily intended for web developers who need to check their site's HTML code against Google's webmaster guidelines. 

META SEO inspector плагін для SEO аналізу

Download META SEO inspector →


Detects nofollow links, nofollow meta tags, and noindex on web pages.


  • supports nofollow, UGC, and sponsored attribute values
  • ​​supports custom meta tags for search engine robots

Can disable or enable extension for specific websites.

Download NoFollow →

Open SEO Stats (Formerly: PageRank Status)

An extension for easy access to the SEO statistics of the current web page. This rank checker gives information about backlinks, indexed pages, cached pages, social media, Whois, geographic IP location, etc.

Open SEO Stats пейджренк подивитися в браузері

Download Open SEO Stats →

Website SEO Checker: Free Audit & Analysis

Sitechecker, a free Chrome extension, helps you quickly identify technical SEO issues on a page. After they are corrected, the position of the site improves, which increases traffic and sales. 

Website SEO Checker безкоштовний аудит сайту сайтчекер

Download Website SEO Checker: Free Audit & Analysis →

Portent's SEO Page Review

The browser add-on that allows you to review the main SEO elements of a website: Title, Description, Canonical, HREFLANG, on-page links, Open Graph, Twittercard, and other metadata so you could quickly analyze your page.

Portent's аналіз сторінки в плагіні хром

Doanload Portent's SEO Page Review →

Redirect Path

Checks HTTP header and redirects for SEO.

Shows HTTP status codes 301, 302, 404, and 500 as well as client-side redirects like Meta and Javascript redirects, drawing your attention to potential problems that otherwise you would not be able to quickly find. 

Redirect Path плагін для SEO розширення

Download Redirect Path →

Save All Tab URLs

Get the URLs of all open tabs in the browser.

The extension shows all the URLs of your open tabs in a convenient way for you to copy/paste and save anywhere, allowing you to revisit all the open tabs you had the last time you used the browser. 

Save All Tab URLs швидко зберегти адреси сайтів плагін

Download Save All Tab URLs →

Schema Builder for Structured Data

Allows you to create a validated json-ld structured data markup for any web page. Required to provide advanced results on Google. 

схема орг в браузері плагін

Download Schema Builder for Structured Data →

Search Laboratory Regional SERP Selector

Allows the user to download the Google search results page for a specific location and language.

This is a Chrome extension that allows the user to reproduce searches in any region in the appropriate languages ​​of the region. There is also a feature to save your preferred SERP settings to predefined settings. 

Search Laboratory видіча серп подивитися в браузері розширення хром

Download Search Laboratory Regional SERP Selector  →


SelectorsHub is an xPath and cssSelector plugin. It can be used as a smart editor to write and validate xpath, cssSelector, Playwright, jQuery, and JS Path selectors. SelectorsHub can also be used to automatically generate a unique xpath, css Selector, and all possible selectors.

Download SelectorsHub →

Semantic inspector

This extension shows you the structure written with HTML microdata.

Search engines provide users with a wider experience with its help. This extension can analyze the web page, understand the structure of the elements, and show it in a simple way when you just click the button of this extension. 

Semantic inspector плагін для семантики в хром

Download Semantic inspector →

SEO Extractor

An SEO extraction and analysis tool that allows you to quickly collect data right in your browser.

SEO Extractor розширення для браузера хром для сео

Download SEO Extractor →

GMB Everywhere 

GBP audit for local SEO. With the help of this tool, you can check GMB categories and do a comprehensive audit, including competitors. After installing the plugin and going to Google, you will see GMB categories and check buttons that appear by default on every business page and search results page.

GBP audit for local SEO

Download GMB Everywhere →

Bonus: NOT SEO plugins, but useful too

Here are the plugins that are not designed for SEO, but can simplify the work of optimizers, as well as those who work with online tools. 

Plugin How it will help



Temp Mail

One-time temporary mailbox. Protects Email from spam, bots, and phishing attacks

Checker Plus for Gmail™

Helps manage multiple mailboxes, manage emails without opening Gmail

Mailtrack для Gmail

Tracks emails in Gmail and Inbox, lets you see if emails have been read by the recipient or not

Gmail Button by cloudHQ

You can create a button in your email to get more clicks on your emails


Synchronizes two useful and necessary services

Hunter - Email Finder

Finds email addresses from anywhere on the Internet with one click
Images, screenshots  

GIPHY for Chrome

All GIFs and stickers from in a compact extension


A tool for designers to measure screen dimensions

GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture

Takes a full screenshot of the current page

Google Images Restored

Shows Google Images as they were before August 6, 2019
Browser management  


Quickly enables/disables Google Chrome extensions


Adjusts management tags (Google Tag Manager, DTM, Tealium) and implementation of analytics


Blocks ads

Spell Checker for Chrome

Checks spelling, supports 12 languages


Specifies the font type on web pages


Checks grammar, punctuation, etc.
Development and page quality  

JS Error Notification

Alerts about JavaScript errors


Test and reports on the effectiveness of the page
Work with data  


Saves data from web pages in the form of tables

Save to Pocket

Saves articles, videos and other content on all devices

Screen Recorder

Plugin for screenshots and screen recording

Google Translater 

Quickly translate words and whole pages
Security and privacy  

Location Guard

Hides geolocation from sites

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many Chrome SEO plugins created for certain SEO tasks. Many of them are approaching full-fledged tools containing a whole range of functions.

We especially pay attention to the following SEO plugins for Chrome:

  • RDS Bar
  • Ahrefs SEO Toolbar for Chrome
  • Keyword Surfer
  • SimilarWeb – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis
  • SEO SERP 2
  • SEOquake
  • Free Backlink Checker by LRT
  • DNS Checker – SEO and Domain Analysis
  • Google PageSpeed Insights API Extension

These are the best Chrome extensions for SEO analysis and a must have for SEO specialist, but it is up to you to decide based on tasks and personal preferences.

Test different approaches and share your experience in the comments👇

Aside from plugins, you can also use specialized SEO services. For instance, when using Collaborator for link building, you can see many SEO metrics including domain authority, traffic, and so on for the sites from the catalog on one page. Overall, there are 40+ parameters which you can use to find a website for your guest post. So you are sure to find the right resource to give you a backlink to yours.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: Do you really need to use any Google Chrome SEO extension?

It depends on your own needs and preferences. Some specialists benefit from using this or that SEO tool for Chrome, others install many of them. The truth is that search engine optimization takes a lot of work. Using Chrome SEO extensions can save you time by providing you with all the data you need with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

Question 2: Which SEO optimizer extension is free?

All extensions mentioned in our article are free. However, some of them have a paid version that gives the user added functionality.

Question 3: How to choose the right SEO audit Chrome extension?

Today, there is a huge number of add-ons available to choose from. The best way to choose a Chrome extension for SEO audit or a couple of them for your tasks is just to try all of them. On the list above, we have gathered the best SEO Chrome extensions for technical and content SEO audits such as Spark Content Optimizer, SEO Pro extension, the 15-Minute SEO Audit, OnCrawl SEO Page Audit, etc. We describe each of them and provide a link for installation in our article.

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