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Collaborator’s FREE Tools

Apart from guest posting options for advertisers and money-making opportunities for website owners, Collaborator offers free SEO tools for you to use. Haven't you tried them out yet? Now is the time.

SEO checklist

SEO checklist is a free tool by Collaborator

SEO Checklist is a guide for self-checking the website, which helps build the initial strategy for website promotion/rankings improvement. It includes the critical steps for website promotion:

  • keyword analysis;
  • creating a website structure;
  • setting up technical elements;
  • content optimization;
  • internal cross-linking and backlink setup. 

You can also add your metrics if needed! Conduct an SEO website audit when it's convenient for you — it's free. For each step, there are detailed instructions that will help you finish this task with excellence.

An example on how to use Collaborator's free seo checklist

SEO checklist is helpful for SEO specialists, SEO team leaders, marketers, web admins, and business owners, as it helps identify technical errors and conduct its SEO optimization.

Bulk URL Checker Tool

free bulk URL checker by Collaborator

This free Bulk URL Checker Tool simultaneously determines the response codes for multiple URLs. Use this tool to promptly identify and fix site errors, choose the domain expiration date, and determine if the site has been redirected to HTTPS.

To do this:

  1. Create a list of web pages to check; 
  2. Insert them into a field on the Collaborator tool page, ensuring you enter each URL on a new line. Click "check."
  3. Analyze the results and export them to CSV if needed.

Dashboard of Collaborator's bulk URL checker tool

Unregistered users have only 50 attempts with 20 addresses each. For registered Collaborator users, 50 checks and up to 250 URL addresses are available. 

Bulk Domain Names Availability Checker

Collaborator's bulk domain name checker

Are you looking for a perfect domain name? Our Bulk Domain Names Availability Checker is an excellent choice for quickly analyzing online space. With this service, you can simultaneously analyze up to 1000 domain names for free. And if you're registered, you can analyze up to 12500 domain names (fifty times, up to 250 URLs). Create a list of available domains that fit your keywords and criteria.

A dashboard of Collaborator's bulk domain name availability checker

This tool shows the domain's age, registration date, and expiration date, as well as its availability information. You can easily export the results to a CVS file. 

Emoji Search

Emoji Search Collaborator's free tool

Emoji Search is a vast catalog with over 3,200 of your favorite emojis for Mac OS, iPhone, Windows, and Android. It allows you to find and copy the needed emojis quickly. Just enter whatever you want in English, Ukrainian, or Russian. 

The service's highlights include:

  • A wide choice.
  • Sorting options.
  • Search by different languages.
  • It can be used on multiple devices. 

Google Snippet Generator 

Google Snippet generator tool

The Free Collaborator's tool, SERP simulator, illustrates how a page will look on the search engine result page. Create visually appealing snippets and improve your click-through rates and organic traffic. 

Test how your snippet looks in real-time. For this, enter the needed info in the related fields: your page name, URL, and meta description. On the right, it will display how this information will look in Google SERPs. We've also integrated Emoji into this service, so you won't need to switch between your browser tabs.

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