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Collaborator + Serpstat: Official Integration

Serpstat is the Ukrainian all-in-one SEO tool for tracking site positions, analyzing links and key phrases, and studying competitors. Developers of their own backlinks index.

The service has many useful functions and indicators for SEO specialists. For the convenience of our users, we have integrated some Serpstat metrics into the Collaborator system. Now, when choosing sites to buy SEO links, you can analyze sites by Serpstat parameters directly in Collaborator and, if you need more detailed analysis, go to the Serpstat interface in one click.

More about integration in Igor Rudnyk's video 👇
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By the way, in August 2021 we implemented a similar official integration with Ahrefs, which allows users to see 7 key metrics directly in the Collaborator interface. 


What data were integrated

We will briefly tell you what Serpstat data advertisers will be able to see in the catalog and in the site card: 

  • SDR (Serpstat Domain Rank) — the site trust according to Serpstat, own indicator of authority. It is calculated on a scale from 0 to 100. It is formed on the basis of counting all domains that link to the site, as well as domains that link to these domains. Thus, all sites in the index related to the analyzed web resource are taken into account
  • referring domains — the number of domains including subdomains of blog platforms (such as Blogspot, WordPress),
  • inbound links — the number of links to the domain or URL,
  • IP addresses — the number of unique IP addresses that link to the analyzed domain or URL,
  • source domains — the number of domains linked to the analyzed site, 
  • requests in the TOP — the total number of key phrases by which the domain ranks in the TOP-100 organic Google. The graph is displayed only for sites from Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The last indicator is especially valuable, which allows you to understand what is the current state of the site and how it ranks on a graph. 

serpstat metrics in Collaborator integration


Implementation in the Interface 

Serpstat indicators in the Collaborator interface can be viewed: 

  • at the Catalog level
  • at the site card level

At the directory level 

How to configure Serpstat data view

  • go to Catalog, click Settings, and select Serpstat data

Collaborator integrated Serpstat metrics

  • choose which indicators you want to view in the catalog 

integrated some Serpstat metrics into the Collaborator

The required metrics will now appear in the table.

How to filter sites by Serpstat data

We have very detailed filtering in the catalog by the indicators you need. If you haven't used it yet — try it, because it's really convenient. 

So, by clicking on the «watering can» of the filter, you can display in the catalog table only those sites that seem interesting by the metrics of Serpstat. 

Collaborator + Serpstat: Official Integration

Once configured filters are saved for future search, which saves you a lot of time when choosing sites for advertising.

At the site card level 

Go to the card and scroll down. In the general list you will see the necessary information. 

Serpstat metrics are available in Collaborator

The main data are provided in numerical form, and the indicator Requests in the TOP — in the form of a graph. 

For a more detailed analysis, you can go directly from the site card to the Serpstat website, in the section of backlinks analysis. 

We hope that such an update of our system will help to analyze advertising sites even faster and better and make even more effective marketing. 

We wish you successful deals😊

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