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Top SEO Experts In the World: Best SEO Specialists and Consultants to Follow

Today, social media allow tracking cases and current features of SEO experts. We have collected and shared with you a list of English-speaking TOP SEO professionals from around the world who actively share their experiences on their public pages, professional events, and expert articles/blogs. Do you want to know who is the most famous SEO specialist and consultant and what SEO experts to follow on Twitter? Read on!

You should subscribe to these TOP SEO experts to be aware of current trends and the latest updates in search engine optimization.

Influencers and public experts in every professional field set the direction of development and are the first to pick up new trends. SEO is no exception. Here, communication with practicing specialists is extremely important, taking into account the speed of the «rolling out» of Google updates.

By the way, this list of global SEO marketing experts is the largest among those that are in the search results🦾

How We Formed the List of the Best SEO Experts in the World

We at Collaborator are actively developing into Western markets: we add sites to the catalog and attract advertisers from all over the world. Therefore, follow SEO bloggers and influencers — not only about «interesting», but also about «useful».

Grouped by country. We focused on the location indicated by the expert on LinkedIn. This is a business social media, so we believe that the information is relevant.

The territorial criterion was taken as the main one, the rating was not made within the country, because it is difficult to objectively determine the expertise of each person, because each specialist and each person's experience can be indicative.

Who is on the list: interesting observations 

The most experts are from the USA — 50%, followed by Great Britain and Ireland — 24%. Geographically, our list includes mostly Americans and Europeans, less from Asia and Australia. 70% of our list is men.

Social media. For each surname, we listed the social channels that were listed on LinkedIn, Twitter, or the Blog. We have the following situation:

  • the most popular social media for English-speaking SEO professionals are LinkedIn (97%) and Twitter (95%),
  • 89% of users indicated a blog in their accounts. However, we are talking about both personal business card sites and blogs/company sites. And also author pages on specialized expert resources, for example, SEJ.
  • a third of bloggers from our list have Facebook, and YouTube channels about SEO are run by every fifth.
  • the least SEO-friendly social media is Instagram, only 12% of experts have their pages here.

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Let's go to the list of best SEO specialists👇 Subscribe, learn, and find out who is the best SEO expert in the world.

Top SEO experts in USA🗽

American SEO experts are the most numerous group on our list, so we brought it out in a separate article ➡️ Top SEO experts in USA. There you will find best SEO expert in the world — go to read.

Top SEO specialists in the United Kingdom and Ireland💂

 Local SEO specialists in England, Scotland and Ireland are a original and interesting group. You can view the list of SEOs from Misty Albion here👈

Top SEO experts in Canada🍁


SEO Expert & Consultant
With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, web design, and SEO consulting, I help SaaS, technology, software, and IT companies grow their sales pipeline and revenue through performance-based marketing strategies and SEO.

Mike Khorev 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Founder of Marie Haynes Consulting Inc.
According to Marie, she is «obsessed» with the idea of ​​understanding Google's search algorithms. Therefore, she shares her findings with blog readers and on social media.

 Marie Haynes 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube

SEO Consultant & Educator at
Teaches and advises on search engine optimization. And also shares the benefits on her resources.

Kristina Azarenko 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Youtube

CEO в Beanstalk Internet Marketing
With the help of his information products (blog, publications, etc.) teaches how to deal with search engines at a professional level.

 Dave Davies 👉🏻  Twitter, Blog, Facebook

Founder and CEO of Foundation Marketing
Founder of a content marketing agency for B2B brands that has brought millions in revenue for a wide range of companies.

Ross Simmonds 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Youtube

Owner of Sterling Sky Inc
Joy positions herself as a TOP SEO expert in the world in Google My Business products. She also focuses on educational activities and actively speaks at professional events as a speaker.

Joy Hawkins 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

CEO and Co-founder of Schema app tool
Energetic entrepreneur helping brands grow search traffic. Currently exploring the possibilities of structured data and sharing findings.

Martha van Berkel 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Ower and Sifu at SEO Training Dojo
His company has been engaged in the online promotion since 2001. Specialization in search engine optimization: technical SEO, search personalization, strategies.
David Harry 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

President & Partner at Kick Point
Partner in a digital marketing agency. Specializes and teaches SEO and other ways of attracting traffic to the site.

Dana DiTomaso 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Advisor at Figma
Canadian blogger who shares information about organic traffic and SEO content.

SEO Executive & Content Writer at Rank My Links
In the field of her interests: SEO, content marketing, outreach, and much more, which contribute to the popularity of sites on the network.

Most experts write their blogs in English. Do not speak it professionally? To improve your language skills on your own and for free, try Telegram english speaking group and channels

Top SEO experts in Australia🦘

Founder at Stay Tooned
Digital entrepreneur, teacher of digital technologies, search engine optimization and copywriting consultant, trainer, speaker, author, and podcast host. Has more than 20 years of experience in all areas of advertising, content, and online technologies.

Kate Toon 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Youtube, Instagram

Head of Marketing at Easy Weddings
Assists clients in matters of lead generation and increasing traffic to the site, as well as in the direction of organizing team activities. Australia.

Matt Antonino 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

Group Chief Search Officer at Overdose
Significant experience in SEO and PPC, web analytics, and content marketing.

Jason Mun 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook 

Founder of SMA Marketing
On the public pages of his digital marketing and search engine optimization agency, Ryan shares interesting work experiences, case studies, and unusual strategies used in working with clients.

Ryan Shelley 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Youtube

SEO Strategy Director Supple Digital. Founder tld Marketing
Results-oriented digital marketer. Possesses solid web analytics and trend analysis skills to help track trends, analyze competitors and predict performance.

Saijo George 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Owner of Hello SEO Agency
Owner of HelloSEO and partner of Perfect Review. Companies deal with reputation management and Google Reviews. Emphasizes local search engine optimization to help small businesses be visible in Google search.

Danielle Phillips 👉🏻 Facebook, Youtube

SEO and director of Dejan Marketing
One of Australia's most famous optimizers. Head of SEO agency. Speaker and author of expert content.

Dan Petrovic 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

SEO Consultant at Brodie Clark Consulting
An Australian SEO consultant who makes a lot of expert content on his social media.

Brodie Clark 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Senior Technical Lead SEO Specialist at StudioHawk
Data-oriented SEO nerd, electric violinist, literary tourist, illustrator.

Nik Ranger 👉🏻 Blog

Marketing, CRO & SEO
Experienced search engine optimization manager with 10 years of experience in telecommunications, fintech, and many other industries. In addition, she is well versed in strategy and technique, product launches, and content marketing.

Amanda King 👉🏻 Blog

Product Manager at Adslot
His SEM Compass works with SEM/SEO data used to drive highly targeted leads to partner companies.

Ryan Kempe 👉🏻 Facebook

SEO and Marketing specialist
On his YouTube channel, he talks about making money online, as well as gives step-by-step video instructions on various SEO issues.

Hogan Chua 👉🏻 Youtube

Top SEO experts in France🥐 & Monaco🏎️

Digital Strategy Specialist, Entrepreneur and Partner at Hexagone Stratégie
Entrepreneur, teacher, consultant. Specialization: inbound marketing, digital business, and marketing education.

Jeremy Paille 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube

Founder of Abondance
His public channels are in French. Jump over if you want to take a look at SEO, search engines, and natural links from this angle.

Olivier Andrieu 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Youtube

Author and digital marketer
Specializing in search marketing for brands and knowledge panels. He writes a lot, talks, and does podcasts and interviews with industry specialists. One of the best SEO person in the world in the field of search engine optimization

Jason Barnard 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

International SEO Consultant - building SpeetalsTool
An international expert and consultant, the developer of his own SEO tool for monitoring the website's web presence (loading speed), as well as the author of the book WebPerformance Recipes. Speaks at conferences and generally actively shares the experience.

Aymen Loukil 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Consultant SEO / Google ads
Geoffrey offers online promotion and optimization services, consults and conducts training (individual and group), and assists as a coach.

Geoffrey Pin 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

French SEO Consultant, Founder at SmartWeb Group
It will be interesting to follow Jeremie for those who are interested in SEO in France or plan to work on a site for such a geo.

Jeremie Politi 👉🏻 Blog

President at Relevance
Digital marketing consultant. Specialization: international business, luxury brands, fashion. Speaker of profile events,

Rumble Romagnoli 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog 

Top SEO experts in Germany🌭

Co-founder and Managing Director of Ryte
Theorist of search marketing and SEO since 1998. Today he shares his experience and organizes interesting expert interviews.

Marcus Tandler 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

CEO at Peak Ace AG, marketer & SEO-consultant
Positions himself as an expert on a global scale who does and tells others how the international STO works. And also advises companies on how to stay at the TOP of the search results around the world.

Bastian Grimm 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

Product Marketing Team Lead at Ryte
SEO specialist and speaker. Especially in love with technical SEO, studying the website user experience, and advocating the importance of organic growth strategies.

Izzi Smith 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

SEO consultant, auditor & trainer
SEO expert and speaker is known worldwide. Formerly a Google engineer and former senior member of Google's search quality team. Specializes in providing marketers and website owners with useful SEO tips that increase relevant search engine traffic to their websites.

Fili Wiese 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Director SEO & Audience Development
A German specialist who heads the optimization department at the digital publishing house.

Valentin Pletzer 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Group Chief Marketing Officer at Ringier
Speaker at conferences and the author of his own columns in specialized media, Jes actively shares her professional experience.

Jes Scholz 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog 

SEO Consultant, SEO Manager & Founder at FLOW SEO Agency
SEO strategist and consultant. Her agency's focus is scaling organic traffic for startups and software extensions.

Viola Eva 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Top SEO experts in Netherlands🌷

SEO Specialist | SEO Consultancy | SEO Content | SEO Advies
Internet marketer specializing in SEO, SEA, conversions.

René Greve 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Freelance SEO Consultant
From developing an SEO strategy for international companies to setting up a local search, it is something Jan can help with.

Jan-Willem Bobbink 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

A.K.A Bibi the Link Builder
The link builder lady who makes detailed link promotion plans for different businesses and geos.

Bibi Raven 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Freelance SEO, PPC and analytics consultant at OnlineMarkethink
His online strategies focus on online search, social interactions, and understanding ROI for the clients. As a result, the maximum return of Internet promotion.

Arnout Hellemans 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog 

Founder of Yoast, Internet entrepreneur
He is best known for developing the Yoast plugin for WordPress. In addition, he has other projects and makes enough expert content.

Joost de Valk 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Director of Organic Marketing at Conductor
SEO and content marketing specialist with 15+ years of experience. He worked in an agency, managed an agency, and created his own projects.

Steven van Vessum 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Top SEO experts in Belgium🧇

Сo-founder of Plausible Analytics
Co-founded by Marko, Plausible Analytics is an alternative to Google Analytics with a focus on marketing and communications.

Marko Saric 👉🏻 Twitter, Facebook, Blog  

Top SEO experts in Spain💃

International SEO Consultant, Speaker & Author
A Spanish woman who presents her expertise to the whole world. Founder of search marketing consultancy Orainti and co-founder of Remoters, a resource for remote workers and freelancers

Aleyda Solis 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube 

Strategic & International SEO senior consultant
Search marketing, content, and social media specialist. The name of his blog is eloquent — iloveseo, but you can also find articles on digital marketing in general, content strategy, branding, and brand identity.

Gianluca Fiorelli 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

Top SEO experts in Switzerland🐄

Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google
The famous John Mueller, explains all Google updates.

John Mueller 👉🏻 TwitterBlog

Digital SEO Consultant at SEO Transformer
For more than 10 years, have been helping B2C and B2B companies, startups, non-profit organizations, and international brands to profitably present themselves online, get the first lines of search engines, and use modern online promotion tactics.

Nadia Mojahed 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Top SEO experts in Italy🍕

Co-founder and CEO of WordLift
An online entrepreneur from Italy who focuses on semantics, search engine optimization, and artificial intelligence. He has 25 years of experience in online strategy development, so it's an interesting and informative read.

Andrea Volpini 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog 

Top SEO experts in Austria💮

Founder & CEO of LinkResearchTools (LRT) and Link Detox
Kristof’s social media are about link building. He talks and writes about links, and also presents tools for researching them and cleaning up your link profile.

Christoph C. Cemper 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Top SEO experts in Hungary🏰

Software developer, author
Online promotion specialist and digital marketing software developer.

Elias Dabbas 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Youtube

SEO consultant
Expert in online marketing and search engine optimization. Main areas: SEO, Growth Hacking, and business models. Works with major international clients, and technology companies. He is even a New York Times bestselling author.

Gabor Papp 👉🏻 Twitter 

Top SEO experts in Czech Republic🍺

Heavy-duty SEO
SEO consultant from the Czech Republic, who is especially knowledgeable about UX and content marketing.

Pavel Ungr 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Top SEO experts in Poland 🇵🇱

Head of R&D at Onely
He embodied his experience in SEO in the book The SEO Playbook. Author of expert content and speaker at specialized events.

Tomek Rudzki 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Top SEO experts in Norway🧝

Co-founder of Snippet Digital + Keyword Insights
Co-founder of an exclusive SEO consulting company helping clients worldwide. The activity is based on a specially created machine learning model and proprietary software. Thus, the approach to search promotion is well-thought-out, profitable, and effective.

Suganthan Mohanadasan 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Top SEO experts in Denmark🧝🏻

Digital Consultant
Consults on SEO and digital marketing.

René Hansen 👉🏻 Blog, Facebook

Top SEO experts in Estonia 🇪🇪

Head Of Content at INEVO AS, Founder of KingsPoint OU
Helps SaaS companies attract millions of customers with their content strategy and turn digital traffic into tangible income.

Steven Macdonald 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Top SEO experts in India🐘

Building Growfusely, SEO-focused Content Marketing Agency
Optimizer from India. Founder of the content agency and search marketing community The Search Bound.

Pratik Dholakiya 👉🏻 Twitter, Facebook

Makes a lot of content in English and Hindi on SEO, marketing, online promotion techniques and ideas, reviews, tips and tricks, and how-to videos.

Technical RipoN 👉🏻 Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Entrepreneur | CEO | Youtuber | Blogger | Coder | Developer
Multidisciplinary online specialist.

Siddhant Jain 👉🏻 Instagram, Youtube

Top SEO experts in Israel🔯

CEO at Over the Top SEO
Specialist in search engine promotion. Author of specialized online magazines. And also a musician.

Guy Sheetrit 👉🏻Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Instagram 

Head of SEO Branding at Wix
In addition to working at Wix, he is a consultant for Semrush and records several SEO podcasts. He is also engaged in SEO education, and is one of the organizers of SEOchat. He is a popular author and speaker in the industry.

Mordy Oberstein 👉🏻 Twitter, Facebook, Blog

Top SEO experts in Philippines☀️

Founder and CEO SEO-Hacker
Online entrepreneur, author of expert articles, and founder of SEO tool. Hosts podcasts and motivates digital people in the Philippines and beyond.

Sean Si 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Podcast 

CEO at WiseMarketingSecrets
Online Marketing Strategist with over 16 years of experience. Active SEO blogger. The dream is to make the Internet a better place, where all the necessary data is structured and every useful information is available.

Floyd Buenavente 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook

Top SEO experts in Pakistan 🇵🇰

SEO Consultant
SEO consultant for projects around the world. SEO influencer and search engine optimization expert. Has 10+ years of software development experience with a Master's degree in Information Technology.

Mehboob Shar 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

SEO Specialist at Awesome Motive (Home to WPBeginner)
SEO and content marketing practitioner helping people with their startups.

Faizan Ali 👉🏻 Twitter

Top SEO experts in Singapore🦁

Marketing Director Ahrefs
Official representative of Ahrefs. Blog posts are published under the authorship of Tim, on his social media you can find a lot of information about the activities of this popular SEO service.

Tim Soulo 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

Read more about Ahrefs webmaster tools 👈in our post.

Top SEO experts in Japan🗼

Head of SEO | Affiliate Marketing Expert | Flip Niche Sites For 5-6 Figures
Specializes in SEO promotion of educational courses.

Tessah Aihara 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Top SEO experts in Turkey🐫

CEO of Holistic SEO & Digital
In his blog, he publishes research on various issues of search engine optimization: theoretical and technical SEO, page speed and UX, development, and marketing.

Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR 👉🏻 Twitter, Blog

Top SEO experts in Cyprus🌿

Her agency is engaged in link building. Although they also help with PR, content marketing, and other methods of attracting users.

Alexandra Tachalova 👉🏻 Twitter, BlogYoutube

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about TOP SEO Experts in the World

Who is an SEO expert?

An SEO expert is a public person, an influencer, who has considerable experience in search engine optimization and bringing projects to the top of Google. And he actively shares this experience😊: he analyzes his own and other people's cases, summarizes the experience, and describes the trends and forecasts of the development of the industry.

Who is the TOP SEO expert in the world?

When it comes to the world's best SEO expert, most practitioners talk about Neil Patel and Brian Dean. These SEO bloggers actively lead their information projects and keep their finger on the pulse of all the news in the SEO industry.

How to find good  SEO experts to follow? 

Check our list)

How to choose from 90 experts to whom to subscribe? We will give some indicative criteria:

  • the expert works and writes in his blog on narrow topics close to your activity. For example, link building or guest posting
  • the author of an expert blog quickly reacts to changes in the industry and promptly writes about it
  • the blog provides in-depth analytics and many cases from the specialist's own experience
  • an influencer represents a tool you actively use (eg Tim Soulo from the Ahrefs team)
  • the SEO consultant is from your country and writes about your local market
  • you like the style and manner of presenting the content
  • you just like a person, at the level of intuition))

How to get on our list of the best SEO specialists?

Develop your own cool cases and write about them in your blogs😉


This list is not exhaustive, because every day there are new blogs that deserve attention. If you know some interesting blogs — write to us, and we will add them to our list. Also, use Collaborator if you haven't done it yet. Improve your SEO, get links and post guest articles with our tool and get even more traffic to your sites. Describe it later in your expert blog😉


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