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TOP-70 Telegram Channels, Groups and Bots for Learning English

For members of the IT community, mastering professional and spoken English is crucial. The urgency for Ukrainians has increased since February, as many projects and businesses have shifted focus to Western markets. This article presents the top 70 Telegram channels to help you learn English online at home, for free, and at your own pace.

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The collection will be useful for marketers, content creators, and SEO professionals. Anyone who needs language for work and communication will find an English-learning Telegram channel.

Immerse yourself with us in the English-speaking community and culture of English-speaking countries. Learning English means mastering four basic skills: speaking, reading, writing, listening/comprehension. If you manage to balance these four skills successfully, you can consider yourself almost fluent😊

Explore our list of the best Telegram channels for learning English and choose a comfortable format and author. The list is based on the number of subscribers (as of May 2024).

In the finale you'll find a BONUS! Read on — and get a list of channels sorted by topic and task.

Useful Telegram Channels for Learning English

386 209 subscribers
The authors use different formats of information: tables, diagrams, cards, pictures, texts to read, just words + translation, and more.

293 682 subscribers
A selection of Grammar exercises and tests in different formats. For those who are preparing for international exams.

150 314 subscribers
A Telegram channel for language learning. For learners and teachers of English from all over the world.

127 325 subscribers
An interesting Telegram Channel with the regular posting of educational content: from grammar exercises to podcasts on how to understand the fast speech of natives.

226 499 subscribers
A great selection of themed audio files for training Listening skills

98 361 subscribers
The idea of ​​the channel is to read small interesting texts every day, which do not take much time even for beginners. Mix language learning and broadening of the outlook.

146 546 subscribers
News channel from the American press brand.

101 680 subscribers
The channel is focused on the middle level of English. Here are lists of synonyms and idioms, moments from movies, reading shots, and other materials to improve skills

118 995 subscribers
Short educational stories in English, can be used to improve skills.

56 553 subscribers
Here you can download original useful media and literary materials.

109 719 subscribers
Classic Telegram channel with English words. However, here is not just an explanation of the meaning, but also an example of use in the sentence, + topic photo

102 867 subscribers
Grammar cards. Video, quizzes, audio, tests, books, and other materials.

103 752 subscribers
A channel for everyone who learns English. Regardless of your location and language level .

102 815 subscribers
The content of the Telegram channel — phrase cards that help you better remember popular words, combinations, and expressions.

63 955 subscribers
The channel’s administrators publish daily tips, stories, and podcasts, helping to improve reading, listening, and writing skills.

51 608 subscribers
Administrators of the Telegram channel for learning English give daily new vocabulary, explain the rules and meanings of popular phrases. And a summary PDF file is published every month.

70 077 subscribers
Interesting and useful selections of exercises and tests in English. Choose materials according to your taste and level and improve your language skills.

40 817 subscribers
There are many audio and video materials with scripts and explanations that help to learn English.

78 558 subscribers
Popular slang expressions with explanations. Useful for anyone planning to communicate with English-speaking foreigners.

One of the Telegram channels for learning English. As the name implies, it focuses on the daily learning of new words. In addition to meaning, synonyms and antonyms are also given.

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48 360 subscribers
Large selection of literature in epub format.

56 268 subscribers
Words and expressions on a wide range of topics for everyday and professional communication.

34 402 subscribers
Interesting language exercises and auditions, tasks and tests for learning English, unusual idioms and new words every day.

1 405 subscribers
Telegram channel for preparation for international exams in English. Tests and tasks for IELTS.

40 420 subscribers
Greatest English Channels for learning English. Text idioms, stable expressions, slang vocabulary — all this is on the channel and will help you understand foreigners better.

28 424 subscribers
Learning English Grammar. The main rules with explanations and examples..

19 422 subscribers
Traditionally for language learning Telegram channels here are useful materials to improve your level. There are magazines in English available for download on this channel.

47 802 subscribers
A selection of Phrases & Expressions in English.

35 607 subscribers
For English reading lovers. Various magazines and other media materials are taught here in PDF format.

19 650 subscribers
Reading news from around the world in English not only opens your mind but also helps you to learn vocabulary and improve your language.

20 789 subscribers
English teacher channel. The basic rules of the language are briefly and vividly explained.

23 538 subscribers
Tests and exercises to repeat the rules of reading, grammar, vocabulary, and other sections of the language.

16 778 subscribers
Useful exercises, voice, and video materials, texts, tests, etc. Everything to train English comprehensively.

23 111 subscribers
A large selection of books to expand vocabulary, analyze grammar, develop reading and comprehension skills in English. 

15 116 subscribers
A channel with tasks and exercises for those who plan to take the TOEFL test. 

16 864 subscribers
Learn English idioms and popular conversational phrases to make your speaking more lively and better communicate with native speakers.

69 271 subscribers
The channel regularly updates the rules of grammar, makes daily posts with words and interpretation, as well as popular expressions and idioms.

12 526 subscribers
Channel with exercises and tasks for learning the language. Practice grammar, learn new words, and compose sentences correctly.

10 826 subscribers
New vocabulary every day. Focus on idioms, and interesting catchphrases.

11 815 subscribers
The basis of language is grammar. The founders of the channel pay attention to it. Rules, words, and combinations are presented here together with test exercises. And allow increasing the level of mastery.

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7 271 subscribers
You can use English teachers Telegram group or learn phrases from funny pictures. Memes and funny images attract emotionally. And so the information. Namely, new words are better remembered.

7 146 subscribers
Different formats of useful information about the English language. From short tests to texts and rules.

12 392 subscribers
Channel completely with tests. By the end of May 2022, there are already 900+ of them. Interestingly, after each test, the authors record the correct answer in video format [in Ukrainian].

7 601 subscribers
The Telegram channel American English File provides video instructions for learning the American version of the language.

6 615 subscribers
Every day one word and a link to a page from the Oxford Dictionary with its meaning. The best way to expand your vocabulary. It will help to communicate freely in English practice Telegram group.

6 540 subscribers
The channel periodically publishes exercises in English of various types. From test tasks (the correct option we see after the choice) to open-ended questions that need to be answered in detail.

4 718 subscribers
Spoken vocabulary and phrases from everyday life, as well as recommendations for communication and analysis of common mistakes.

4 135 subscribers
One of the best Telegram channel for English speaking. It contains the spoken and audio practice of English with native speakers and students from around the world. Different formats of information presentation.

3 409 subscribers
An excellent channel for learning English for visuals. For those who like to perceive video content. Many rules, meanings of words, and phrases are provided in streams.

Develop your reading skills and learn new vocabulary right in the Telegram channel.

7 301 subscribers
Beautiful poems in English. Enjoy and develop your vocabulary.

2 009 subscribers
A great channel for music lovers. Learn the language from the songs' texts.

Every day you receive a notification with a single word with examples of its use.

The Best Telegram Groups for English Speaking Practice

37 571 members
Telegram group for communication in English with people from different countries and with different levels of language skills.


One of the best English speaking telegram group was created for informal communication in English with people from all over the world. Here you can learn more about different cultures from primary sources, as well as discuss the same issues in language learning.


2 723 members
Grammar English learning Telegram group. Discussion topics are provided daily in which everyone can practice their writing skills. And the admins will give feedback on grammar.


A group for communication from the authors of the IELTS With Masters channel. Here, language learning tasks are taught and discussed, and active communication takes place.

7 389 members
Another useful Telegram group of English, where you can communicate with the natives. Attention is paid to details, idioms, language expressions so that users can appreciate the beauty of language.


1 585 members
Language learning Telegram group for communication in English.


English Word Learning Bots in Telegram

Bot of the Telegram channel of the same name. It offers a lot of educational materials: collections of books, magazines, phrasal and irregular words, idioms and expressions, speaking and reading exercises, etc.


The bot provides a variety of quizzes and English speaking practice.

Offers questionnaires, quizzes, and learning materials.


Best Telegram Groups and Channels for Learning English: by Topics and Tasks

For Education (exercises, tests, etc.)

Grammar & Dictionaries

For International Exams

Idioms & Slang

For Practice (to read & watch)



FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about English in Telegram

How to choose English practice Telegram groups?  

First, you need to determine your level and your goals in learning English. Do you need the language for work or study, to communicate with native speakers for work or fun? What areas of English do you need to improve: vocabulary, idioms, grammar, etc.? After that, go through our list and choose the channels, groups, or bots in which you like the way the information is presented.

Things to pay attention to:

  • How often is the information updated?
  • How is the information presented: official-business, neutral, entertaining?
  • Does it cover any aspects other than language? For example, culture, media, etc.
  • Are there examples of the use of vocabulary?
  • Is there feedback? Some channels have separate groups for communication and questions.

Is it effective to learn English in Telegram?

Yes, it can be effective, but it depends on the user's background. The use of Telegram channels and groups for language learning is more of an auxiliary practice and will be most effective for those who already have a certain level of knowledge. They help improve vocabulary, apply knowledge in practice, and expand the range of language constructions used. If you need to learn the language from scratch, it is best to look for other options, such as a teacher or courses, and use Telegram channels to reinforce your knowledge and immerse yourself in the language environment.

Important: It is possible to achieve efficiency only with regular practice.

How to use the Telegram channels for English speaking practice?

In order for your subscription to an English learning channel to become an effective tool, you should remember the following:

  • Set aside a certain amount of time for studying. For example, dedicate half an hour to processing posts from channels.
  • After viewing a post with new words, immediately say them out loud and write them down.
  • If possible, find examples of the use of a word/phrase or the application of a rule on your own.
  • Share new information with friends or colleagues — this will help you remember it better.

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Modern big brands and small online entrepreneurs use Telegram not only for personal purposes (learning or communication) but also for professional and business development.

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Explore the possibilities of the Collaborator for your projects and use the capabilities of Telegram channels and groups to the maximum.



Telegram is an extraordinary and captivating tool for acquiring knowledge in the modern world. The interactive platform facilitates the transfer of educational content in various formats: from Telegram English speaking groups to channels filled with memes or bots that deliver new words. This diverse approach promotes greater involvement, engages different types of attention and memory, and steers the learning process in an essential direction.

Choose the best Telegram group for learning English according to your specific goals, and utilize the messenger's opportunities to expedite your language learning journey and achieve your desired proficiency level in a short span of time.

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