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Telegram Bot List: TOP Helpful Assistants for SEO Specialists and Marketers

Using bots allows marketers and SEO specialists to free up a lot of time and energy for more creative and interesting activities.

In the Telegram Bot List below you will find the TOP popular and effective Telegram bots, especially for marketers and SEO specialists. These are tools of various purposes, which in one way or another help to promote pages in search engine results, manage social media, and solve other Telegram marketing tasks.

But first, let's briefly look at what types of Telegram bots exist and how to use Telegram bot.

What is Telegram Chat Bot and Why is It Needed

Many Telegram bots have been created and all of them perform different tasks. Some help to moderate chats, others — to communicate with users, to briefly get useful information. There are bots that help to find the right places for advertising making Telegram Channel marketing much easier.

By the way, if you are interested in Telegram advertising, you can also use the Collaborator service. What's more, there are bots that sell, entertainment bots, and even bots that can create other bots!

To make it easier for you to navigate this variety, we have created an indicative table of Telegram bots by function. Of course, it is unlikely to be comprehensive, as new bots appear almost every day. However, it will help to reach a general understanding.

Type What it does How a marketer/SEO specialist can use it Example

Informational & entertainment

provides interesting and useful information in a concise format

bot developed by a company to send news, updates, etc., increase the visibility and attract new customers

SEO Test bot

Bot consultant

answers common user questions in automatic mode

to simplify the process of consulting users and collecting statistics on frequently asked questions



informs about statuses, deals and other changes in specific tools or on the sites

to track work processes and their statuses

our bot Collaborator


helps to edit, format or translate texts, collect analytics and solve other applied tasks

for automation and acceleration of work processes; if the bot is developed by the company, it also helps to increase its recognition and user loyalty


If you have other examples of bots that can be placed in a separate category, write in the comments.

See also our selection of English group Telegram for learning.  

Telegram Bot List for SEO

There are so many nuances and details in SEO that any possibilities for automation and acceleration are accepted and at least tested 😃 We have found Telegram bots for many of these tasks. 

for free
Of course, Collaborator has its own bot in Telegram! Its job is to keep users up to date with all the updates in their accounts. Confirmation of the deal, receipt of funds to the account, acceptance of the order for work - now you will definitely not miss an important message, no matter where you are.

Read more about Collaborator Telegram Bot

for free
A convenient, free collection of SEO tools. Contains about a dozen different narrowly targeted bots. Among them, in particular, are: checking the age of the domain; trends in Google Trends; LiveInternet statistics; server response check; checking positions in Google; search for site subdomains and sites on the same IP; verification of geodependency and commerciality of the request; CMS checker; semantic analysis of the text.

Let's consider some of them in more detail.

for free
With its help, you can find out the domain registration date, registration expiration date, age in years, registrar name, and the number of links on Linkpad.

Shows all websites on a specific IP. You can enter an IP or a domain address, and get all the resources tied to that IP.

for free
Analyzes Google trends for the last 5 years by keywords and phrases and visualizes the results in the form of a screenshot. Supports eight languages, including English and Ukrainian.

for free
Systematizes and displays data from Google Analytics. For the bot to work correctly, you need to connect it to a Google Analytics account.

You can use Collaborator bulk URL checker to check your pages for functionality + expiry dates of domains and HTTP/HTTPS redirects. Also, read an article about buying backlinks for SEO on our blog.

Bot for checking the site management system (CMS). Enter the address of the resource and find out on which system it was made

This bot will help you find out the price of the site or domain (of course, approximate, but such information will also be useful). Enter the URL and find out how much the resource costs.

Best Bot Telegram for Channel Admins

for free
The name speaks for itself: this is a bot that lets you create bots! Registering a new bot in BotFather takes literally a couple of minutes, and you can create an almost unlimited number of bots from one account. If necessary, you can also remove them through BotFather. However, it should be borne in mind that BotFather helps to create only the frame of the future bot and set the basic settings. For finer and more thorough finishing, you should turn to other tools.

for free
An indispensable tool for administrators of Telegram channels: allows you to view reports, schedule posts, format text, add online buttons and reactions to messages.

for free
Allows you to create and format delayed posts. Among the interesting features of the bot is the integration with Notion, which significantly expands the editing capabilities.

for free
Baslay was conceived as a delayed posting bot, but quickly acquired many additional features: watermarking, media customization, auto-signature, pinning and unpinning posts on a timer, and much more.

for free
A bot for adding and editing reactions to posts.

for free
Convenient and practical anti-spam bot, an indispensable tool for moderators of large channels. Allows you to adjust settings for messages from new users, remove redundant links and files, and more.

for free
Flexible feedback configurator in Telegram. Allows admins to send messages anonymously (on behalf of the bot).

for free
A multifunctional bot for moderating large communities, capable of sending welcome messages, moderating chats, removing spam and banning its senders, collecting statistics and much more.

for free
A useful Telegram bot that needs no further introduction. It allows you to publish in Telegram not only short messages, but also long, beautifully designed articles.

Telegram Bot Search 

for free
This bot is called Google for Telegram. It works in a very similar way: it finds entire channels and individual posts in Telegram on request. Posts are displayed from newest to oldest. The bot supports two languages ​​— English and Russian. It is deservedly included in the TOP Telegram bots.

for free
Universal service for searching Telegram channels by topic, name. or username. A great tool to find potential advertising spots or content integration opportunities. Supports three languages: English, Russian and Uzbek

Marketers' Best Bot for Telegram 

free (with a subscription to partner channels)
Link organizer: stores useful links and sorts them by category.

Allows you to download images from Pinterest in high quality.

The bot will not only download any video from Tik Tok but also remove watermarks from it.

for free
A versatile bot for downloading images, texts, and videos from Instagram, as well as from Pinterest and TikTok. Just send the bot a link to the desired post — and in a couple of seconds, you will receive a file.

for free
A tool for gathering information about the audience. Able to divide subscribers by categories, analyze information for 30 days, and work not only with the audience in general but also with individual subscribers.

for free
Helps to get the one-time email address for registration on third-party resources. Attention: after some time the address is deleted, so the bot is not suitable for long-term registration anywhere.

for free
This Telegram bot watermarks images or videos. You can choose any graphic file (PNG/JPEG format) or any text as the future watermark, set the proportions and transparency, and choose the location on the picture or frame.

Converts videos from Youtube to MP3 format

for free
QR codes greatly simplify the life of modern users and make your marketing more advanced. The bot will help with this task.

Bots for Working With Social Media

for free
A simple and convenient tool for tracking comments on any Instagram account. Just enter the address of the profile you are interested in and receive all information about comments and updates around the clock.

for free/Premium Subscription
Telegram Bot to view and download media files from Instagram. Fast, efficient, and anonymous. The free version allows you to upload photos and small videos, while the premium subscription allows you to upload stories and carousels.

for free
A simple tool to check cheats. Shows the actual number of video views of competitors.

for free
Bot, which helps to find places for advertising. Works with Instagram and Telegram. With its help, you can not only find a place for your advertising but also offer your own channel or page as an advertising platform.

A reliable and fast search for channels for advertising is possible with the Collaborator Telegram Advertising Exchange. 1,000+ channels in the catalog, communication directly with the owner/administrator, ordering placement directly in the interface, and the guarantee of the platform as an intermediary — all this makes purchasing advertising with Collaborator the best solution. It is a trusted content marketplace and publisher monetization platform

Bots for Working With Text and Visuals

for free
Not just a Telegram bot, but a whole translator with a built-in glossary. Indispensable for business correspondence in English. It helps not only to translate the text but also to check its adequacy and choose the right words.

free with @longlister subscription
Another bot translator, this time multilingual. Supports 22 languages, including English, Chinese, Arabic, and many others.

Multilingual translator that supports 30 languages! Among them is Ukrainian (which, admittedly, is still rare for translation bots). It copes very decently even with complex texts, including literary ones.

for free
Convenient and easy bot translator for communication in multilingual chats. Supports many languages ​​and language pairs (including Ukrainian). It practically does not take up space on the phone. The latest version allows not only to translate the texts but also to voice them, and to learn selected words.

for free
A bot that helps you format text for posting on Instagram. Indents and paragraphs, align text, strikes and underlines words, makes them bold, and more. Be careful: this Telegram bot has clones! They differ from the official version only by a couple of letters in the username.

for free
A simple tool for formatting text (bold, italics, adding links, etc.). With its help, you can format text even from your phone! Supports seven languages, including Ukrainian. Attention, this bot also has a lot of 'twins', be careful!

free if you subscribe to @moe_obrazovanie
The bot will not only format the text but also add beautiful and unusual fonts to it. As of October 2022 (at the time of writing), the bot has more than 50 fonts. The assortment even has a gothic texture and stylized runes!

for free
A popular and continuously updated speech recognition bot. Works both with voice messages and audio files in .ogg, .flac, .wav, .mp3 formats. Supports three speech recognition engines:, Nanosemantics, and Google Speech. By default it uses, but you can choose another option at any time. Depending on the engine, it supports different languages ​​(including Ukrainian). It can also be integrated into chat and communicate with colleagues without restrictions.

for free
A simple bot for converting any text (and not only) file to PDF. Supports .doc, .docx, .odt, .txt, and .jpg formats. Be careful — this bot has many clones with similar names, but most of them do not work. Check the bot name before using it!

Telegram has long ceased to be just a messenger and turned into a universal and flexible tool for solving marketing tasks also. Can you make money on Telegram? Absolutely yes. Discover proven strategies for earning through Telegram in our article👈

Telegram bots help manage communities, convert files, monitor page activity, and much more. The ability to use such assistants will speed up work and make it more efficient.

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