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Special Topics in Collaborator: How to Order an Article

The promotion of sites with special topics is a specific area in SEO. Such topics are not prohibited by law, but online activities in these niches have certain legal restrictions, such as a ban on advertising for such materials. 

Special businesses include gambling, microloans, dating sites, and more.


Collaborator policy and current realities

From the very beginning of our publishers marketplace for guest posting, the Owner-Customer interaction in the direction of special topics has been closely monitored. This is described in the General Rules of the Exchange. They are formulated on the basis of advertising laws in different countries, as well as ethical standards.

Today, Collaborator is entering new markets. We are actively working to expand the geography of representation, attracting new sites and customers of advertising from different niches and countries. We released an EN version of the site and began to fill the English-language social media to make it convenient to communicate with customers from around the world, not just the CIS.

By the way, do you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin? Great content and a great opportunity to chat with colleagues. 

It turned out that the regulation of online activities on specific topics in some countries is somewhat different. The situation is changing and there is a need to consider this issue in more detail. After all, for example, mechanisms for licensing online casinos are gradually being developed. 

We do not know which markets you enter. However, we want to give each webmaster the opportunity to improve the monetization of their resources, and the advertiser — to give an additional tool for even more effective marketing.

The price for placing materials from special niches is slightly higher than usual. Previously, such agreements had to be further moderated in order to raise the price.  

Now in Collaborator the site owner can set an additional surcharge for the placement of guest posts on the site, which the customer will see in the catalog. It operates in the following niches: 

  • licensed bookmakers;
  • dating sites;
  • forex brokers; 
  • microloans.

This does not mean that we abandon the previously announced rules of operation. According to the regulations of our marketplace, each project will be moderated and allowed to work only in cases where it does not contradict the law of the market in which it operates. 

More about the update in the video by Igor Rudnyk👇

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How order/publish posts on special topics implemented in the Collaborator interface

Many times we have received requests from site owners and advertisers to improve the process of implementing the agreement when it comes to special topics.

We hope that the new functionality will be able to meet these needs.

If you are the owner of the site

In the process of adding/editing the site, the owner can now set their price for posting materials on special topics. Important. This option only applies to the Article format.  

To do this, go to the site settings and enter the amount of the surcharge, pre-selecting a niche.

In the list of the sites in the column «Formats and price» when hovering over the site, you will see in the tooltip (which displays the price for various services) information about the cost of posting materials on special topics. 

Prices for the placement of such materials can also be seen in the list of transactions with the customer and the owner. It is marked with the corresponding icon in the sections «Requests from the customer» and «Rejected»:

If you are a customer

Customize the search for sites that work with special topics is already possible at the catalog level. To do this, mark up the checkbox in the settings.

promotion of sites with special topics. how to find sites

When you enable this option in the catalog table, the column Special topics will appear, which will display the icons of each of them. When hovering, the user sees the decryption of the character. Accordingly, the column with the price displays the surcharge.

selection sites in catalog spesial topics

In the site card, the advertiser may also indicate, if necessary, that the placement material contains specific information. Here you can also see the surcharge indicated by the owner.

site card with special topics

When you select this option, a special topic icon will appear next to the price and the cost will change, taking into account the surcharge. 

The special topic label for the customer is displayed in the sections: 

  • My lists;
  • Reviews;
  • Dashboard (Control Panel - Agreements). When you select the «Repeat» option for such a transaction, the site is added to the cart at once with a higher price.

If you do not work with special topics, just turn off the toolbox and work with the sites as before, at the usual prices. 

This update opens more opportunities for all parties to the agreement on Collaborator and makes it more comfortable to interact with the system. Advertisers can promote additional projects, and owners can further monetize the site. 

Test and do effective marketing with us.

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