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How to Improve App Visibility with SEO: Practical Recommendations

Seo for Apps — a separate direction of search engine optimization. And if ASO deals with ranking directly in the App stores, then SEO for Application works on attracting traffic to mobile App' pages from Google and other search engines. How to do SEO for Android & iPhone Apps to improve its visibility in Google? Our friends from digital marketing agency Promodo showed few efficient tips, that helped their clients. So help you too.

The global application segment is growing tremendously fast. The number of app downloads is estimated to reach 235,261.9 million by the end of  2022. The growth rate of the app market is expected to be 9.27% from 2022 to 2026, resulting in a projected market volume of $611.54 billion by 2026. 

The Revenue of the Global App Market, by Segment. Source: Statista

As the industry’s financial attractiveness grows, the competition also enhances. It becomes more complicated for the existing app brands to struggle for high positions in search engine results and app markets. When ASO is responsible for the app market's position boost, the app SEO deals with the app's visibility in search engines. So, let’s view the app SEO tool in detail.

What is App SEO and its Impact on Visibility?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is integral to a successful app launch and maintaining its good visibility. When people need an app on their mobile, they just Google it, creating organic traffic to the app page in the app store. That is why it’s critical for app creators to implement an effective app SEO strategy to bring the needed search engine results as high as possible. At the same time, it favors the number of installs and revenue growth. 

Easy Ways to Improve SEO for Apps

Effective Keyword Choice

First of all, it is critical to identify the mobile app niche and how people search for such apps. You need to determine 2-4 terms or phrases used by customers for the app search. It’s better to include them in the app name, app store page description, landing page, and any other online content describing your application. All these small simple steps will benefit the visibility.

Look at the example of the app name change of the fashionable shoes, clothes, and accessories retailer INTERTOP. The campaign gave impressive results, as mentioned in Promodo's case study. 

App Indexing

App indexing is deep links within your app that benefit the Googlebot in the process of indexing the context. As a result, the app indexing enables users to go directly to the app content from the Google search results. 

In case, the app is already installed on the mobile, the SERP may direct the user directly to the preliminary installed app or re-engage the customers. In case the user is new, the search engine offers to install the search-relevant app.

Single Snippet

The single snippet is one of the most effective tools for app SEO. The search result contains the app's name, rating, and a small part of the description. It also provides the app install button, which makes the installation process fast and comfortable for the user. 

An Example of a Single Snippet of Promodo’s client Monobank 

App Pack

An app pack is another important tool to use in terms of the app SEO strategy, which is a set of suggested apps that a user gets after a specific search query. The apps are included in the pack on the basis of the keywords. The app pack contains information about the app's name, rating, and icon. 

The Example of the App Pack for the “Calorie Calculator App” Inquiry 


Backlinks are one more essential tool to use to improve app visibility. Reliable, quality backlinks provide your app with a higher Google rank. First of all, we recommend adding the link to your download page on your landing page. In addition, get other credible online sources, websites, and media to discuss your app. All these simple measures will also create the effect of synergy and improve the position of your app in the SERP. 

You can buy backlink to your download page. But before doing it, learn how to stay on safe side and gain maximum SEO benefits.

Practical Marketing Recommendations to Improve App Visibility

We recommend applying a coherent approach, increasing your app visibility. Hence, don’t limit yourself to basic SEO tips. The combination of different tactics will allow you to reach impressive results in different app markets. 


With the informational overload, people learn quickly through visuals. That is why having a screenshot gallery that provides a virtual tour of an app to potential users is critical for increasing app installs. Also, take care of the screenshots arrangement to lead the user properly. The main task of the app's screenshots is to attract the user from first sight and convince them to install the app.

Here’re the screenshots examples at the App Store of the Calorie-counter by Dine4Fit. By the way, studying the app visibility in more detail, you may also check the developed ASO campaign for Dine4Fit.

Ratings and Reviews

Positive feedback, high ratings, and remarkable customer satisfaction are definitely important for any business. As for apps, these aspects can not only encourage the users to download the app and made purchases in it, but it also benefits in higher ranking. 

Hence, motivate your users to leave positive reviews and high ratings on the app, which will stimulate the search engines to scan these reviews for keywords. As a result, your app visibility grows! 

Rating and Reviews Section of the Calorie-counter by Dine4Fit

QR Codes

QR codes are easy to use and extremely popular as a digital tool applied by people all over the world. For instance, the number of US smartphone users who scan QR codes on their mobile devices grow by 15.3% in 2021 compared to the previous year. Hence, don't miss the opportunities of this growing trend and launch the QR code for your app. It will allow increasing app sharing, installs, and, as a result, visibility. You can use a free QR code generator to do it.

Hence, there’s no unique success guide for promoting your app. Try different approaches, methods, and tactics to find the effective combination that suits your business the most and use Best SEO Tools to achieve your goal. You can also go over an on page SEO check list to not miss anything important. Or you may save time and effort, by delegating this part to professionals.

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