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To agencies

The most comfortable space for working with advertisers and employees

Master account
  • Project management
  • Management and control of employees
  • Multi-currency infrastructure
  • Branded reports for clients
  • Unified management and control of own and client's budgets
Connect clients
To your advertisers
  • Convenient control and statistics
  • Low deposit fee
  • No need to transfer access to your account
Connect employees
To colleagues and employees
  • Separate login and password
  • Work only with the projects you need
  • Convenient collaboration on link building
Connect your colleagues with your advertisers
Create master account
Unified space for management and control team
Each employee has his own separate account and access level
Manage budgets flexibly and securely
Connect clients to your account without requiring their username and password
Earn on the affiliate program
Work faster and more efficiently
Frequently asked questions

It is a handy tool for agencies and teams.

A master account allows you to:

  • invite clients and colleagues;
  • manage their balances;
  • manage projects and deals.

A master account is control in one hand. But with extensive delegation capabilities

A colleague is an employee of the company who can manage projects of a client or master account to which access has been granted.

A colleague can only join the master account after receiving an invitation.

The advertiser is your client.

If the client is already working in Collaborator, you can send an invitation for cooperation within the system. After he accepts it, you will have access to your client's projects, which you can manage on your own or transfer to the management of colleagues.

If the client has not worked with Collaborator before, you can invite him to join via email. He will receive an email with your referral link and an invitation to sign up. After registration, the client will be automatically linked to your master account as a client and referral.

If you stop working with a client, you can unlink them from your master account. To do this, send a request through your personal account and wait for the client to accept it.

You can block access to a colleague's account. In this case, he loses any access to projects.

Through your personal account, you just need to click the "pause" button. Your colleague will receive a notification by mail that you have blocked his account.

If necessary, you can always restore access to it.

Your client can work with the same currency as the master account.

If you have a need to work with different currencies, then you need to create several master accounts.

You can conveniently link them to each other to quickly switch between them without having to enter a username and password each time.

This will allow you to work with clients with any currency.

The following actions are available for the master account in the client's account:

  • client project management;
  • creating and paying for new orders;
  • approval of finished tasks;
  • balance withdrawal;
  • the master account can share access to the client's project to his colleague.
Many agencies are already working in Collaborator
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