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What is a Collaborator?

Collaborator ( — direct advertising exchange, which connects the advertiser and the publisher of the site (information sites, media, blogs, publishing houses, portals). Goal — advertising placement in the form of guest posts around the world.

  • Quality sites with a live audience and confirmed traffic data: Ahrefs, Google Analytics.
  • Ability to leave a review on the work with the site and read reviews of other advertisers.
  • Free warranty from deleting links — 3 months.
  • Handy badges "Quick Placement", "Editor's choice" and others.
  • Handy and quick filtering sites.
  • Three-currency system: hryvnias, dollars, euros. You choose which currency to work.
  • Low commission for deposit and withdrawal of funds from the system.
  • Constant expansion of the assortment.
  • Announcement on the main. We agree with the publishers of the sites to place advertising articles with announcements on the main and relevant categories, and not in the basements or special advertising sections.
  • Handy interface.
  • Ability to order the writing of an article on the side of the site, as well as offer to publish their own finished article.
  • Quick and quality customer support in online chat mode.
Collaborator warranties
  • Warranty of safety of your funds in the process of the deal.
  • Warranty of fair resolution of disputes by Collaborator arbitration.
  • Free warranty from deleting links — 3 months. If within 3 months from the date of posting the article, the site has stopped responding or the article is no longer available — contact the chat*

*Due to the termination of cooperation with the sites from Russia and Belarus, we have to withdraw our guarantee of preserving links on these sites and rely on the decency of the site publishers.


What currencies does the Collaborator work in?

Collaborator works in currencies:

  • hryvnias;
  • dollars;
  • euros.

Currency selected once when registering an account.

Is there a referral program?

Yes, the Collaborator has an affiliate program. Read more.

What are the terms of the affiliate program?
  • You get 25% with the Collaborator's commission for every deposit by your referrals.
  • Deductions from each deposit credited to you within 1 year from the date of registration of the referral.
  • No minimum payout amount.
  • When clicking on your affiliate link, the attracted referral marked with a cookie file for 14 days. It means that if you brought a referral under the affiliate link, he left the site, but then came back in a few days and registered — we will assign him to you.

Mass mailing (spamming) of emails with the referral program for attraction, as well as all unethical and illegal ways of mailing, is forbidden.

Collaborator administration reserves the right to refuse to participate in the affiliate program.

Learn more about the affiliate program.

I can't confirm my email, what should I do?

Without a confirmed email and phone, the withdrawal function will be blocked from the system.

If you were unable to confirm your email, try one of the following:

  • Check the correctness of the specified mail during registration. You can do this on the "Personal Profile" page. If you really made a mistake, contact technical support in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Check the "Spam" section in your mail. The confirmation email comes from the address [email protected].
  • Try sending the confirmation email again.

If none of the actions helped — contact technical support, and we will help solve this issue.

I can't confirm my phone, what should I do?

Without a verified phone number, the withdrawal function blocked. All other Collaborator functions are available.

If you don't receive SMS — foremost, check the correctness of the specified number. 

If the number is correct — repeat the SMS request.

If the number is wrong — write to technical support in the bottom right corner of the screen, and we will help you to solve the problem.

What is the Collaborator's commission?

Collaborator commission 10% on deposits and 15% on withdrawals.

Be careful. If you have deposited funds into the system and then want to withdraw them, you will be charged 15% withdrawal and 10% deposit commission.

What placement formats are available?

A press release is news about the advertiser's company or product. The publication must be placed in the Press Releases or News section.

Article — thematic publication about the advertiser's company or product, which is placed in the main categories of the site.

Posts in Telegram-channels — advertising posts in Telegram-channels with a live audience.

How do I change the currency of the account?

You cannot change the currency of an already created account.

Register a new account in the desired currency.

Rules of user communication
  1. Users required to adhere to correct communication, both when communicating with the support service, and in internal correspondence of users.
  2. If the user uses aggressive, profanity, the support service representative has the right to end the dialogue unilaterally.
  3. In case of systematic incorrect communication between the user and the support service, the administration reserves the right to refuse the user support.
  4. If the user conducts systematic incorrect communication with other users of the collaborator, the administration reserves the right to block the user's access to the system.
  5. If a conflict situation arises between two users of the system, in which it is impossible to reach an understanding, we recommend that you contact arbitration.
  6. Spamming in private messages prohibited. When complaints received from other users, access to the account may restricted.
What is the status “Inactive account”

If there were no transactions on the account balance within 365 days, for example:

  • deposit;
  • withdrawal;
  • earnings in the affiliate program;
  • and other transactions indicating the activity of the account,

then on the 366th day, the account is assigned the status “Inactive user” and the administration of Collaborator collects funds for servicing the inactive account.

How much is charged for maintaining an inactive account?

  • from an account in UAH — 10 UAH per day;
  • from an account in USD — 1 USD per day.

If within 90 days the activity of the account will not be resumed (no balance movements except for the deduction of the commission for the maintenance of the account), then the balance will be reset to zero.

How do I change my account from inactive to active? 

If within 90 days the activity of the account resumes and there is a movement of the balance, the account will automatically be transferred to the “Active” mode. 

Collaborator does not pursue the goal of making money on these transactions, however, it is impossible to maintain an inactive account without a time limit.

If you are an active user or work with Collaborator periodically, this rule will never affect you

Termination of work with accounts in rubles and users from the Russian Federation

From May 24, 2022, we stopped working with inactive accounts in rubles and accounts in other currencies belonging to users from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

Assignment of an “Inactive Account” is carried out according to an accelerated procedure.

If the account is inactive for 180 days, then the account is assigned the status “Inactive account”.

If within 15 days there is no movement on the balance, the balance will be reset to zero, as we stop supporting accounts in rubles.

User cooperation outside the system

It is forbidden to conduct financial mutual settlements outside the Collaborator, provided that the agreements reached through the system.

If such cooperation detected, the administration of the Collaborator reserves the right to block participants in the system.

What is auto termination?

Auto termination — automatic termination of the deal on the 31st day of inactivity of both its participants. It is triggered in the following deal statuses:

  • New;
  • In work;
  • In refining.  

What happens to the money that was frozen on this deal? 

The money for the deal returned to the customer's balance.

Is it possible to return to work a deal that was terminated by auto termination?

No, this deal cannot be put back into operation. If necessary, the customer can resend the same task for the site.

Support service schedule


  • By phone — from 9:00 to 18:00, Kyiv time
  • In chat — from 9.00 to 21.00


  • In chat — from 9.00 to 21.00
Prohibited topics, categories of goods and services
  • alcoholic products;
  • explosive substances and materials, except pyrotechnic products;
  • counterfeit goods; residence registration services, diplomas;
  • copies of original goods (for example: replica handbags of popular brands);
  • online medical consultations with a diagnosis;
  • medical services for artificial termination of pregnancy;
  • modified water, electricity, gas meters, as well as meter twist, meter magnets;
  • narcotic and psychotropic substances and their precursors;
  • online casinos;
  • weapons. Advertising of any kind of weapon, including airsoft, hunting, antique, gas, souvenir, is excluded;
  • risk-based games and betting and their organizers
  • forgery, production, or sale of forged documents, stamps, seals, blanks
  • political advertising; no electioneering, advertising of the websites of deputies, politicians, or their receptions allowed
  • defamatory materials;
  • acquisition or sale of official documents and state awards;
  • software and services for phone number spoofing for outgoing calls and SMS;
  • advertising of magical services promising to cause harm;
  • advertisements related to tragic events and shocking content;
  • prescription drugs;
  • twisting/twisting of a speedometer, adjustment of vehicle mileage;
  • tobacco products and smoking paraphernalia;
  • goods and services subject to certification / licensing, in the absence of the necessary certificates/licenses;
  • goods and services whose production or sale prohibited or restricted by the laws of the country of location (illegal activities). For example: forgery of documents, distribution of pornographic materials;
  • totalizators and bookmaker's offices without licenses;
  • financial pyramids.

The administration reserves the right to refuse advertising without explanation.

If you still have questions about whether you're advertising allowed in the Collaborator — write in the chat in the lower right corner.

Banned web-resources
  • Phishing sites — online scams aimed at obtaining the user's secret data (account passwords, credit card number or PIN, etc.).
  • Pages created for the purpose of subsequent malicious content spoofing (fake sites, stolen content).
  • Sites that use SMS fraud: methods that allow money to be debited from a site visitor's mobile account without his/her knowledge. For example, when registering on the site via a cell phone or by sending an SMS to a mobile number.
  • Doorway sites created to attract traffic and do not contain unique and useful content.
  • Resources that distribute malware, malicious code.

The administration reserves the right to refuse advertising without explanation.

If you still have questions about whether you're advertising allowed in the Collaborator — write in the chat in the lower right corner.

Where should the customer start?
  1. Sign up.
  2. Create a project
  3. Explore the sites in the catalog and use the filter to find the right ones.

If you cannot find the right one — be sure to write to our support in the lower right corner, and we will help you solve your problem.

How to make adding funds to an account (adding funds to account methods)?

We strive to provide you with the maximum convenience of financial deals, so the list of available payment methods is constantly expanding. If you can't find a convenient method for you, write to support in the lower right corner, and we'll try to help you.

Available payment methods at the moment.

For accounts in dollars:

  • Bank cards;
  • PayPal;
  • Payoneer — by issuing an invoice. It can take up to 3 business days for the funds to be credited;
  • International transfer — an invoice is automatically generated in the personal cabinet; after receiving the payment, the closing documents will be available in the personal cabinet;
  • USDT(TRC 20).

For accounts in euros:

  • Bank cards;
  • PayPal;
  • Payoneer — by issuing an invoice. It can take up to 3 business days for the funds to be credited;
  • International transfer — an invoice is automatically generated in the personal cabinet; after receiving the payment, the closing documents will be available in the personal cabinet;
  • USDT(TRC 20).

If none of the suggested methods worked for you or you encounter any difficulties, write to the support in the lower right corner of the screen, and we will definitely help you.

What parameters can be used to select sites?

General parameters

  • The theme of the site
  • Region: country, region, city.
  • Article placement price. With writing
  • Announcement on the main page
  • Traffic per month

Technical parameters

  • Trust/Spam
  • Trust/checktrust
  • Spam/checktrust
  • ICS
  • CF
  • TF
  • TR
  • DR (Ahrefs)
  • Site indexing
  • Google index
  • Address of the site (domain)
  • Age of site (months)
  • Domain zones
  • Presence in the links exchanges
  • Placing links dofollow, nofollow, sponsored
  • Type of site
  • Date added to the system

The available options for filtering are constantly expanding.

If you're missing criteria, email us in the bottom right corner of your screen, and we'll find a way to add them.

How long does it take to accept work done, and what is auto-acceptance?

The customer has 3 days (72 hours) from the moment when the publisher of the site has sent the completed job to review, to decide on the deal: to approve or send for revision of the posted article.

If the decision not made in time, then after 72 hours — will be auto-acceptance, the deal will be considered complete, and the funds will be credited to the site owner.

Can I put my publication on the site?

Yes, of course. To do so, it is necessary to:

  • create a project;
  • go to the section "My Publications";
  • press "Add a publication" and follow the system prompts;
  • wait for the administration to moderate the publication (it takes no more than 15 minutes).

Congratulations — you can post a publication on the selected site.

How do add a publication, and what are the requirements?

Select your project, then "Add Publication" and follow the prompts.

A few hints, on working with the editor:

We are constantly refining and improving the editor.

Basic requirements for posted articles:

  • the minimum volume of the article — 2000 characters without spaces; 
  • recommended — 5000;
  • the uniqueness of the article from 75%;
  • no more than 3 external links;
  • the high-quality layout of the article.

Basic requirements for posted press releases:

  • the minimum volume of the press release — 1000 characters without spaces; 
  • recommended — 1500 characters without spaces; 
  • maximum — 1999 symbols without spaces;
  • press release uniqueness from 75%.

If you have any difficulties or suggestions for improving the editor, write to us in the support area in the lower right corner.

The administration of the Collaborator reserves the right to reject an article without explaining the reasons.

Where will the article posted?

Collaborator gives priority to sites that place articles in the main sections of the site, as well as place the announcement of the article on the main page.

You can find out the exact information in the site card in the "Where will the advertising articles placed?

If you are interested in more information, you can contact the publisher of the site before the deal through personal messages.

What is extended insurance, and how does it work?

Basic concepts:

  • the insurance contract is an agreement between the insured (client) and the insurer (Collaborator), according to the terms of which the insurer undertakes to compensate the damage;
  • insured event — the moment of time when the article not included in the index, dropped out of the index of search engines, there was a change of anchors, landing pages or the page ceased to exist;
  • sum insured — the amount of placement + writing articles (in the case of writing articles on the side of the site), it is this amount is the amount of compensation in the event of an insured event;
  • insurance contribution — the amount of payment for the insurance contract;
  • reimbursement — the return of funds to the user.

What is the cost of insurance?

The cost of insurance is equal to 10% of the amount of placement, plus writing. The period of validity is 12 months.

How can I ensure my deal?

When you pay for an assignment, you can include insurance and ensure the deal amount. 

If you don't do this when ordering a placement, there will be no such option in the future.

What does the insurance cover?

We ensure the deal against deletion and non-indexing at the same time.

What will be the reimbursement in case of an insured event?

Compensation will be in cash on your balance. The amount of reimbursement is equal to the amount of placement plus the amount of writing (if the article written on the side of the site).

Under what conditions are an insured event?

  1. If the article has not entered the index for 2 months in any of the search engines;
  2. If the article fell out of the index and within 25 days it did not appear in the search for one of the search engines;
  3. If the article or a link in it was deleted, and it has not restored within 7 days*

*Due to the termination of cooperation with sites from Russia and Belarus, we are forced to withdraw our guarantee of preserving links on these sites and rely on the decency of the site publishers.

If an insured event occurs, when will I get a refund for the deal?

If an insurance event occurs, we will try to resolve your issue within 25 days. 

If we can't do it in that time, you'll get your money back within 7 days.

How will I know if an insured event has occurred?

If we see that there is an insured event, we will definitely notify you by letter to the post, and we will immediately begin to solve the issue.

You can also send the deal yourself if you think an insured event has occurred.

Why isn't insurance offered on all sites?

We offer insurance on the sites we have been working with for a long time.

If a site does not offer insurance, then we are still monitoring it, and it is likely that we will soon be able to ensure placements on it.

What happens when the insurance runs out?

Thirty (30) days before it expires, you will be reminded in your personal account that your insurance is about to expire. You will be able to extend it for another year.

If the insurance will not be prolonged in the specified period, it will not be possible to activate it after expiration. 

We recommend that you activate auto-renewal so that the insurance will be renewed automatically at the end of the term. 

Rules for posting articles
  1. Fields Description, Title, URL, Keywords, which are specified when adding an article by the customer, are recommendations for the site publisher and are used at his discretion.
  2. The site publisher has the right to use links to internal pages of the site in the article without any restrictions.
  3. The site publisher has the right to use up to 5 external links in the body of the article in addition to those specified in the task. It is forbidden to link to direct competitors of the customer site and sites that do not meet the general requirements of the Collaborator.
  4. It is allowed to place a block of advertising, such as, Google AdSense in the body of the posted article, provided that the advertising does not prevent reading the text and clicking on the link.
  5. Furthermore, it is forbidden to place ads on the page with the article that does not comply with the rules of acceptable topics for promotion in Collaborator.
Working with Telegram-channels

What is the format of placement on Telegram-channels?

A promotional post containing an image or video, advertising text, and a link to a product, service, or service.

For how long is the promotional post on the Telegram-channels? 

The post must be available for at least 72 hours. We check the availability of your post within 3 days of placement every 8 hours. After that, the post shifts up naturally or can be removed by the channel publisher.

How long does it take to accept the work done, and what is auto-acceptance?

The customer has 2 days (48 hours) from the moment the publisher of the Telegram-channels sent the completed job for review, to make a decision on the deal: to approve or send the posted post for revision.

If the decision not made in time, in 48 hours, the deal will be deemed completed and the funds will be credited to the publisher of the Telegram-channels.

How many views / clicks / subscriptions am I guaranteed to receive when buying ads in Telegram?

Advertising in any TG channel is not a guarantee of views, clicks and / or subscriptions to your channel / product.

Advertising is a recommendation (review) about your channel or services, the result of which does not depend on the seller, but only on the services provided and their relevance to the audience of the channel.

Working with special topics

Special topics are topics that do not break the laws of the country in which the project is realized. At the same time, they cause increased attention when placed by the owner of the site.

What are the specific topics?

  • licensed casino and bookmakers;
  • dating sites and sex shops;
  • forex and brokers;
  • microloans and loans.

Depending on the editorial rules, the site owner may set a different cost for posting publications with these topics. In this case, we recommend using the functionality for placing special topics when paying for transactions in the shopping cart.

Arbitration. Resolution of disputes

If a dispute arises during the deal process, you can contact Collaborator Arbitrage.

Administration representatives will contact the parties to the deal to clarify the details and then make a decision unilaterally.

The decision is not subject to appeal.

Couldn't find a site for my tasks, what to do?

Collaborator supplements the range of sites daily.

Four recommendations to help you choose a site for each task.

  1. Search Agent — connect and be notified once a week about fresh sites by your filter. More about Search Agent.
  2. "Not enough sites" — write us which sites you are missing - we will try to expand the range and let you know.
  3. Use the media sites — in the catalog Collaborators about 2000 media sites that are suitable for most businesses. We recommend that you pay attention to them. 
  4. Chat support — if you still haven't managed to decide the sites, please contact the chat, and we will make a recommended list for you, which is best suited for your tasks.
What are site badges?

Site badges — special designations. They appear in the catalog and on the site card. 

Badges help customers to make the right choice and also influence the ranking of sites in the system.

Badges are not eternal, they are assigned and taken away dynamically, or at the discretion of the administration.

  • Fast placement — the average speed of article placement is less than 24 hours.
  • Editors' choice — the sites that the administration of the Collaborator recommends to pay attention to.
  • Collaborated — the badge assigned at the level of your account to the site where you have previously placed articles on any of your projects.
  • Extended insurance — the presence of this badge gives you the opportunity to ensure your deal against deletion and non-indexation of the publication for a year.
  • Only we have a unique site, which is present only in the exchange
Why write reviews about working with the site?

Collaborator gives you the opportunity to leave and receive reviews:

  • Reviews after a completed deal — share your impression of the deal;
  • Reviews on the failed deal — if the site publisher accepted the job, but then disappeared, changed the terms, then you can break the deal and leave him a review. This will help us exclude from the directory site publishers with low business ethics.

Why leave a review:

  • stimulate site publishers to leave you a review in return — your reputation in the system affects the speed of completion of the task;
  • affect the ranking of the site — sites with bad reviews are lower in the directory, and those who systematically violate the rules of the system and business ethics, we exclude from the exchange;
  • be part of the community — reviews will help others to choose appropriate and reliable sites for tasks, and you can take into account the opinion of other participants when deciding on cooperation with sites.
How do I add my site to the collaborator?
  1. Register.
  2. Click "Add Site".
  3. Step 1. Enter the address of your site
  4. Step 2. Confirm ownership of the site with one of the options:
    • Google Analytics — priority option confirmations;
    • HTML file - alternative option;
    • Another way - select as the last resort, fill out a comment and submit it for moderation, we'll help you confirm ownership of the site with an alternative method.
  5. Step 3. Fill in the data and price by following the prompts on the page.
  6. Step 4. Done. Wait for the moderation of your site (after moderation, you will receive a notification by email).

If you confirm site ownership through Google Analytics, we will only display general traffic statistics for 6 months to clients.

No other information used or transmitted.

If you confirm ownership of the site by other methods, we will display information about site traffic according to

To change the method of confirmation of your site — contact the support chat.

What are the requirements for sites?

The main criterion for moderation — site attendance. If your project has an audience - we will be glad to see it in the Collaborator.

However, when moderating sites, the administration takes into account other criteria:

  • authority (trust);
  • niche;
  • audience engagement;
  • design;
  • content layout;
  • and other parameters.

We accept sites with visits from 5 thousand/month. However, there may be exceptions depending on the subject and the value of the site by other criteria.

We do not accept sites that contradict the law and violate copyright, as well as sites that do not comply with generally accepted norms.

If, in our judgment, you have not indicated a market value, we reserve the right to refuse to add the site to the directory.

Administration reserves the right to reject the site unilaterally.

Working with Telegram-channels

What are the requirements for Telegram-channels?

1. We accept Telegram-channels with at least 500 subscribers.

2. The channel must not contain any forbidden content.

How do confirm the channel when add it?

On confirmation, need to add our bot @clbrt_bot to be an administrator of your Telegram-channels. 

For what period is the post placed in my Telegram-channel?

The post must be available for at least 72 hours. Also, a minimum of 1 hour after publication must be the last post in your Telegram-channel.

We check the availability of your post within 3 days of posting every 8 hours.

Rules for posting articles
  • Articles with links posted forever, that is, for the entire life of the site.
  • When the site sold, the publisher, who received payment for the deals, is financially responsible for the publications posted by him. In the case of deletion of publications by the new publisher of the site, it is necessary to re-post the publications or return the funds for these deals.
  • Articles must be open for indexing by search engines. It is forbidden to close the article from indexing in robots.txt, through meta tags, or other methods.
  • The canonical URL must be the same as the page URL.
  • All images contained in the customer's publication must be uploaded to the site hosting. Exception - other agreements with the client
  • In case the article not indexed or falls out of Google search, the webmaster undertakes to make every effort to have the article indexed. In this case, it is allowed to re-post the article to another address of the site and must notify the support service. 
  • It is forbidden to change the anchors and landing pages after placement (exception: receiving a direct request from the customer).
  • Links placed only in the main sections of the site, which can be accessed from the main site. The section for placing an article must match the one you specified in the site description in the "Where advertising articles will be placed" line.
  • It is forbidden to post in sections hidden from users.
  • It is forbidden to place publications in specially created sections (blogs) for articles created for search engines.
  • The article with the announcement on the main page must be sent to the system for verification on the day of its placement or at the time of availability of the announcement on the main page of the site (in cases where the ad lasts for several days). The announcement must be posted in real-time.
  • Articles may not be deleted, moved to other sections after posting, change to the address of the posted article (exception: receiving a direct request from the customer, re-posting for the purpose of indexing).
Placing different types of links: dofollow/nofollow/redirect/sponsored

In the settings of the site you can choose what type of links to place — dofollow, nofollow or sponsored.

The vast majority of customers prefer dofollow links.

Redirect links cannot be placed within a Collaborator.

After placing an article, it is forbidden to change the type of link, add the tag sponsored, noindex, etc. The exception — a direct wish from the customer.

Requirements for posted materials
  • the high-quality layout of the material to be posted — compliance with tables, bulleted lists, and other elements requested by the customer;
  • the publication should meet the requirements of the customer, have a logical structure and carry a semantic load. It is allowed to revise the article at the request of the client if this revision does not provide a complete change in the published article, which corresponded to the original requirements;
  • absence of spelling, stylistic, punctuation errors;
  • the article must be consistent with the target page indicated by the customer in the job;
  • no more than 3 links from the client for the article format and no more than 2 links for the press release format;
  • site owners are obliged to ensure the availability of sites in Ukraine where they place the Customer's Advertising Materials. In the event of a dispute/arbitration regarding the availability of sites in Ukraine, the Collaborator makes a decision in favor of the Customer;
  • a new unique publication must be written for each customer order. It is forbidden to place links in previously published articles, rewrites and articles translated from other languages. An exception is a direct request from the client.

Requirements for the articles:

  • minimum article volume — 2000 characters without spaces; 
  • recommended — 3000-5000 characters without spaces;
  • the uniqueness of the article — from 75%.

Requirements for Press Release:

  • publication must be placed only in the Press Release or News section;
  • the minimal size of the publication - 1000 characters without spaces; 
  • recommended — 1500 characters without spaces; 
  • maximum — 1999 characters without spaces;
  • the uniqueness of the publication from 75%.
When will I get paid for posting an article?

Funds will be credited to your balance immediately after the approval of the completed deal by the customer.

More details

  1. You received a task - funds are frozen at the customer and are displayed on your account "Pending". Detailed information about the movement of funds, you can see on the page “Payment history”.
  2. After the job done, the customer has 72 hours to make a decision. If the customer did not make a decision on the deal in time, the auto-acceptance occurs, the funds credited to your balance and become available for withdrawal.
How to get more orders?
  1. Make sure your site has a market rate for posting and writing articles. If it is not — lower the cost to get the first orders and reviews.
  2. Make sure that the theme, region of the site filled correctly.
  3. Make an attractive description of the site. Indicate where the advertiser's article will be placed and why it is necessary to work with you.
  4. Respond to advertising campaigns — go to "Catalog of campaigns" and choose the right ones for you. If the customer likes your site and its cost — you will get the order.
What are discounts, and how do they work?

You can provide a discount on your site from 10% to 30% on a permanent basis. The discount is only available for SEO-agencies, so your site will attract the attention of reputable customers. If you activate the discount, it is important to know:

  • the discount is valid for the entire period, as long as you do not turn it off;
  • the discount is only for placement, it does not apply to writing articles and announcements on the main page;
  • you can activate and deactivate the discount without limitation.
How to work properly with advertising campaigns?

How do I know that my ad campaign response has approved?

When a customer approves a response, you will receive a notification in your email, and when you log in to your account you will see this deal in the "in work" tab.

You have 3 days to complete the job, then the customer will have the option to terminate the deal.

How much will I earn if the customer approves my response? How is the cost formed?

You will earn the amount of money as part of the advertising campaign, which is listed on your site card.

If I respond to an ad campaign, what placement format should I do?

If the customer approves the response to the campaign, you can make an article or press release placement. The payment you will be charged for the deal will be equal to the cost of placing the appropriate format.

Reviews. Why write reviews about the customer?

After completing the deal, you and the client have the opportunity to write a review of the cooperation.

We recommend that you always leave a review for the customer.


  • it encourages the advertiser to leave a review of your site (the reputation of your site affects the ranking in the directory);
  • mutual benefit — customer reviews help you and other site publishers to understand more about the customer and make an informed decision about cooperation.
What affects the ranking of sites in the directory for the customer?

The algorithm for ranking sites in the customer directory based on many factors. The most important:

  • indexation and availability of posted articles;
  • speed of task execution;
  • the ratio of traffic to price within a category;
  • reviews;
  • technical indicators of the site.

In order to rank higher in the directory of sites, you need to:

  • get more reviews;
  • perform tasks as quickly as possible;
  • set a market price for placement;
  • work on site authority and traffic.
Arbitration. What to do if the customer demands changes not in accordance with the Terms of reference?

If a dispute arises during the deal, you and the customer may contact Collaborator Arbitration.

Arbitration representatives will contact the parties to the deal to clarify the details and make a decision unilaterally.

The decision is not subject to appeal.

Deleting sites

The publisher can delete a site from his account if it has not passed moderation or if there have been no deal on it during the period of operation.

Under other conditions, the possibility of removing a site from the system not provided.

The site we link to is no longer working

If the optimizer's site has stopped working, you can write to the customer in personal messages to replace the links in the posted article with new ones that the customer will give you.

If there is no review from the advertiser within 14 days, please contact the support chat to resolve the issue.

What are the deadlines for withdrawal?

Withdrawal requests made within 1-3 business days.

You can make three withdrawal requests per day.

Before the payment made, the account checked, and in case of violations of the rules of the system - the payment may deny. In this case, the support service contacts the account publisher to resolve the situation.

The Platform Administration has the right, at its own discretion, to permanently or temporarily block financial deals and refuse further service in case of suspicious deals and activity on the part of the users.


Withdrawal of funds. Payment methods

Collaborator commission for withdrawal of funds from the system — 15%

Depending on the currency of the account, different withdrawal methods are available.

For accounts in dollars:

  • PayPal (on request);
  • Payoneer;
  • USDT (TRC20, ERC20);
  • International transfer.

For accounts in euros:

  • International transfer.

 * Additional commission of the payment system is also possible

There are minimum amounts of payments:

1. for payments in dollars via international transfer - 200 dollars;

2. for payments in euros via international transfer - 10 euros;

4. for payments in USDT — 100 USDT.

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